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Googling My Way To Today’s Article

When Googling one day I came across a BLOG POST from a woman who referenced an interesting topic. I found myself reading it…and soon enjoying it.

At first, I was going to critique the entire piece in today’s article but I thought that it would prove to be too lengthy. Therefore, I am going to focus on just one of the seven tips

Focus on Your Ideal Customers. This is easier said than done, but I think the pivotal idea here is that not too many travel agents do this. I know you have plenty to do each day without trying to find “new activities” to fill up your day. Unfortunately, it is the activities that involve your good clients that pave a smooth path to a profitable future. Your world needs to be focused on delivering customer satisfaction. That is your reason for being. Your job is to find, get and keep ideal customers.
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The key word here happens to be “ideal.” You already have customers. Some are really good. Some are just okay. Some are iffy while others are just plain lousy. Your job is to focus on the ideal customers…the really good ones. Yes, this is often at the expense of paying attention to the others, but somebody smarter than I am capped each day at 24 hours. You have all the time there is, the question is how are you deciding to use your time?

If you are emotionally intelligent enough to realize what side of your bread the butter goes on, spend the next seven days (and then the rest of your business life) focusing on your ideal customers…and how you can get more of these beautiful people.

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