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Indulge in Mendoza’s Art and Wine Culture with Aerolíneas Argentinas

Mendoza is the capital of the Mendoza Province located in the western central part of Argentina. Though most known for being one of the nine great Wine Capitals, Mendoza has much more to offer than just that. The desert-like town of Mendoza is charming yet exciting, a perfect place for a visit on your vacation to Argentina.

PictureThe wine business may be one of the city’s biggest aspects, but Mendoza has an array of other sights to see and places to visit. Parque General San Martín is one of the many gems found within Mendoza. Construction began on the 420-hectacre park in 1896, Parque General San Martín was named after José de San Martín, who led the Argentine War of Independence. The entrance gate to the park is adorned with the city’s coat of arms. Surrounded by trees, the park is always full of bikers, walkers, joggers, and even picnickers! You can find more than 30 statues lining the roads and pathways that weave through the park. After you spend a beautiful morning examining these works of art, you can visit one of the other sites located within the park like the botanical gardens.

PictureStanding as one of the great nine Wine Capitals it would be a shame to visit Mendoza without a trek through one of the many wineries. Ruca Malen offers not just tours, but a large-scale journey through the process of making wine. This winery even offers an interactive blending class, and if you’re lucky you can grab lunch in Ruca Malen’s solarium: a five course meal with the appropriate wine pairings! Bodega Tapiz is an adventurous winery worth your time, as it is known for its horse-drawn carriage rides through the vineyards. At Bodega Tapiz you can even sample wine straight from the barrels and fermentation vats. For a taste of Mendoza without the wine, spend some time at Mercado Central. This market offers a variety of different ways to make Mendoza feel like home including local produce, and delicious hot food stands serving up the region’s most popular dishes.

PictureFor a look back on Mendoza’s past, visit the Museo del Área Fundacional or the Foundation Area Museum. Here, guests can learn about the history and evolution of the city through exhibits and artifacts. Visit an underground chamber containing the remains of the cabildo: the main administrative institution of the colonial government. The museum contains a collection of sculptures and paintings sourced from local artists, and offers guided tours by request. Another museum in Mendoza to explore is the Museo Municipal de Arte Moderno or the Municipal Museum of Modern Art. Located in the Plaza Independencia, the most popular plaza of the city, the Municipal Museum of Modern Art highlights Mendoza art dating as far back as 1930 and includes a variety of materials: sculpture, paintings, and ceramics just to name a few. The museum also has a library, video room, and a multi-purpose room for other art related activities.

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