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It Is All About Kindness

I knocked off another book this week.

And for those of you who make a living taking jabs at us New Jersey guys, that does not imply that “I plagiarized another book.” It simply means that as a result of a referral from a former client and current good friend from South Africa , I read and completed and destroyed by underlining, another book.

A fellow named Ed Horrell wrote a beauty: The Kindness Revolution.

Lest you jump to erroneous conclusions thinking that this is another tome on “smile training,” let me correct you as you leave the gate….it isn’t. In fact, it showed signs of Tom Peter’s In Search of Excellence, which put that guy on the map back in the 70’s.

Bottom Line: I enjoyed the book very much, and readily recommend it to everybody in business as soon as they complete Become The Exception written by a down-to-earth, realistic, call-em-as-he-sees-em guy from New Jersey.

Ed Horrell hails from Tennessee — another fine place to visit as soon as you cross New Jersey off your Bucket List.
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The Kindness Revolution features a number of fine companies to emulate and learn from. These include Federal Express, Nordstroms, The Ritz Carlton, Mrs. Field’s Cookies, St Jude Hospital and LL Bean. Not a bad list of well-known, well-respected organizations.

Yes. I do recommend this book, but beware: I had to special order it from my local Barnes & Noble.

Here are a few take-away ideas for you:

  1. Each employee has an important job to do.
  2. Companies have a meaning and a purpose. (Your company should have a meaning and a purpose.
  3. In some shape or form, your company should come dangerously close to serving the customer in a way that delivers genuine and appreciated value.
  4. Each employee should be empowered to make decisions.
  5. Great companies attract the best employees and customers by running an organization based on sincerity and consideration.
  6. There is value in dignity, respect and courtesy — and kindness.
  7. I have a good idea for you today … get out there in your particular marketplace and make yourself proud. Go the extra mile. Test your limits.

Find the reason you chose to get into in to this business in the first place.

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