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Lessons from Dr. Bob Rotella

On a good day my golf game can be a notch or two above “awful.” But down in the core of my belief system, I know I have “potential” when hitting the links…and an occasional golf ball. Dr. Bob Rotella is a sports psychologist who wrote “Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect” along with “Putting Out of Your Mind.” He works out of the University of Virginia.

As I often do, I can find a correlation between “anything and everything” to “sales and marketing.” To me this book was a gold mine of meaningful messages.

Here are a few thoughts I found myself underlining:

” … not to question what I was doing.” Hey! Some of your marketing is going to work while much of it isn’t. Practice well and pull the trigger. Watch. Learn. Adjust. Move on.

“Great putters keep it simple.” In all your days you are just going to bump into two types of individuals. Those you can help and those you can’t help. I don’t know how to make this any simpler.  When you find a person you can help, help them. Also, concentrate on not shooting yourself in the foot.
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” … we worked that first time with routine, attitude and confidence.” Develop a system you can live with. Then, work the system knowing you are doing all you can for all the right reasons. Trust in the fact that you are one of the good guys and that good things happen to us good guys.

“It’s a long term challenge that you have to work on every day.” Sales and marketing is not an on-again-off-again business strategy. Diets may be on and off again (and have proven to be), but sales and marketing is an every day thing.

And one of my favorites:

“Gradually, I learned to care less about whether the putt went in and more about whether I had done everything I could to give it a chance to go in.” 

I love this one. STOP trying to sell and just work on enjoying the hunt. Be a coach and work on putting your team in a place where they could possibly win. If you don’t work on making more people aware of the fact that you are alive, you have minimal chance to cash their checks.

The older I get, the more simple it becomes. So in closing, I will leave you with a golf tip I learned from my good friend Jim Smith: “Hit your second shot first.”

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