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Start Paying Attention

My message today just might be one of the best this year. With all the “noise” in the world today that comes at us disguised as advertising, radio, TV, internet, and cell phone communications, it is no wonder we “think” that we must be skilled at multitasking to succeed. It is time we start paying attention to what we are doing at the time we are doing it. Stop multitasking. 

To those readers who are already taking exception to today’s message, let me offer a fact that you can’t possibly over turn. “If you want any slice of Mike Marchev’s wallet, you better begin focusing on him and him alone.” It is my belief I am speaking for thousands of other prospects and would be clients of yours.

I came across this check list from an E-zine I once received. Mike Staver was the author. (I don’t know the man)

(Hey! I can’t think of everything. Why not allow some other guy carry some of the load?)

I thought a quick review might help focus on the challenge we face as we approach 2018. I hope you place a check next to all fifteen.
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15 Ways to Prove You Aren’t Paying Attention

  1. __ I approach important situations without clearing my mind or taking steps to prevent interruptions or distractions.
  2. __ I engage in other activities while I’m listening (opening mail, watching TV etc.)
  3. __ I assume I know what others will say and so tune them out.
  4. __ I interrupt.
  5. __ I finish sentences for people.
  6. __ I become impatient and tune others out when they say things I don’t agree with or don’t want to hear.
  7. __ I form a rebuttal or response in my mind while they talk.
  8. __ I ignore non-verbal cues such as tone, voice or body language.
  9. __ I act as if I understand when in fact I don’t.
  10. __ I listen for specific facts rather than broad ideas.
  11. __ I fidget when people speak to slow.
  12. __ I dwell on aspects of the speaker that have no bearing on the content (clothing mannerisms…..etc).
  13. __ I daydream while others are talking.
  14. __ I use repetitive responses (uh huh, right, etc).
  15. __ I use body language that discourages communication.

For those boxes checked, (I know most of you have at least checked one, or all 15) you now have some clear objectives to address and overcome in in the months ahead. It is as easy as that.
Let’s break it down even further. Tomorrow is another day. Let’s begin to make it a better day than today. Why not? It is entirely up to us. Together, let’s make tomorrow the best day to date.

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