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Testimonials Are Powerful Things!

Today’s MessageGood Enough May Not Be Good Enough

Not long ago I found myself researching a few restaurant reviews in the local newspaper. I spotted an establishment that caught my attention and thought this particular spot would serve an upcoming occasion quite nicely.

I had heard a favorable comment from one of our friends and felt comfortable considering this restaurant. I continued reading thinking that my decision was going to be positively confirmed with a couple of positive guest comments.

I was wrong.

The paper altered my thinking … big time. I’m not saying this was right or wrong. I’m saying, “It did.”

There were more than one negative comment in the paper regarding the maître’ d, the food and the table service. In all fairness, they all did enjoy the location.

It has been documented that bad news travels faster than good news. I must admit that the “jury is still out” as it related to my restaurant choice.
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If you are a betting person, you might want to hedge your bets away from this place. This “negative ink” in the paper may have been submitted by a bunch of yahoos and it may not be fair, justified or even accurate to any degree whatsoever. But I did read it … and it got me thinking twice before investing a bunch of money on an important event at an unknown “joint.”

And that is how it works. Are you hearing me out there? You can’t afford this human activity to effect your future. You need good words. Good reviews. Good feedback.

Any bad news or bad opinions will be shared, listened to and will, more likely than not, negatively effect your future. Testimonials are powerful things. Work hard at making yours good ones.

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