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We Are All In This Together

Last week I had a very interesting five days. Most of my weeks are exciting. On Tuesday I spoke before a room full of successful business owners who made their living selling million dollar yachts. On Friday, I found myself in front of 35 secretaries from a Fortune 100 company.

Yacht dealers one day…secretaries the next. What’s all this noise I hear about “niching?” Doesn’t this contradict the notion that you can’t be all things to all people? Don’t think I don’t think about that stuff. I do.

Before taking over the microphone, I always (spelled ALWAYS) ask myself the same questions: “How can I make a difference to this group of people?” And “What do I have in common with secretaries…yacht dealers…sales pros…tractor salesmen…real estate agents…travel consultants…home-based entrepreneurs…bankers…nurses…mortgage brokers…advertising specialists…accountants…and hundreds of other groups over the past 30 years?”

What’s the common denominator? Is there a common denominator? I believe there is.

Everybody I speak with is a “people,” regardless of their trade, age, experience or background. And believe it or not, the majority of people exhibit many similar tendencies.

People are pretty fragile. They all have their fears, concerns, excuses and habits, both good and bad. They all worry about where their next sale, and where the next probable prospect will come from. They all don’t have the time to live their lives the way they want to live their lives. They all have insecurities, needs, wishes and hopes, and in some instances a form of denial.

Yes, people are pretty much all the same. And that is why most audiences connect with my messages: because I am one of them…feeling what they are feeling…helping them “feel a little hope.”

So what do they need to hear? What do I need to hear? What do you need to hear?
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Here are ten things to think about as you continue to grow as an entrepreneur:

  1. That we are all in this together. (You have problems? Join the club.)
  2. That after all is said and done, more is said than done. (Make Things Happen.)
  3. That lip-service doesn’t pay the mortgage. (Talk is cheap. Be a person of action.)
  4. That success is spelled EXECUTION. (The proof is in the pudding.)
  5. That failure leads to success. (Fail faster.)
  6. That a sense of humor is invaluable. (Remember: It is only a movie.)
  7. That there are people out there who are looking at you as a role model.
  8. That your personal growth will result from the people you hang out with and the books you read. (Read more.)
  9. That the best time to grow a tree was twenty years ago. The next best time is today. (Plant some seeds today.)
  10. That life is meant for living. (Look for the fun in life.)

Now let me tell you what is about to happen. A handful of you will opt off my Morning Missive Column; that is to be expected. “Rubbish” you say, “This is all so obvious.” Now you are getting the message. It is obvious, it is common sense.

But sooner or later, those who opt out will learn that life is a lot easier than they are making it. It is all about the basics, the fundamentals, the yes pleases and no thank you’s.

We are all simple people trying to do what is necessary to eat regularly. Yacht dealers to secretaries. Don’t make it harder than it has to be. Opt out if you know better…but then shape up on your own. We are all in this together.

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