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Don’t Be A Buffoon

This may come as a shock to some of you, but I do become upset at times. It usually comes as a result of running into a buffoon of some sort, shape, size or gender. And it has come to my attention over the last couple of years that our world has its fair share of them.

Labeling a person as a “buffoon” is my personal observation, and is based on my own interpretation. You should not endorse my list until you concur by your own set of standards.

What exactly is a buffoon? Actually, the category is pretty wide. Here are some of the ways you can position yourself as a buffoon in my world. (Remember, these are my qualifications. I do not speak for the general public.)
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You may qualify as a buffoon if you:

  1. Seek assistance and never reply one-way or the other. (Rude)
  2. Shirk your daily job responsibilities. (Lazy)
  3. Publicly use foul language. (Uneducated)
  4. Answer your phone like you are a big shot. (Self-Indulgent)
  5. Answer your phone like I am bothering you. (Conceited)
  6. Think you are smarter than you are. (Egotistical)
  7. Never asking for help. (Insisting on doing things the hard way)
  8. Quitting too soon. (Impetuous)
  9. Never quitting. (Obstinate)
  10. Procrastinate until the opportunity no longer exists. (Il-advised)
  11. Shun taking action for fear of making a mistake. (Lacking confidence)
  12. Partaking in a “she-said, he-said” conversation. (Idle gossip)
  13. Are pitching (baseball) and you “call” for a fly ball. (Amateur)
  14. Guess rather than research. (Stupid)
  15. Say anything bad about dogs. (WARNING! Don’t do this in front of me.)
  16. Say anything bad about your preferred suppliers in private. (Poor judgment)
  17. Say anything bad about any supplier in public. (Terrible judgment)
  18. Tug on Superman’s Cape. Spit into the wind. Pull the mask off the Lone Ranger or mess around with Jim. (You be the judge.)
  19. Chew gum in public. (This is okay as long as you are trying to emulate one of the heard)
  20. Doing anything but drive while driving a car. (Brainless)
  21. Keep your clients waiting until the time is convenient for you. (Career ending)
  22. Failing to say “no” when the question warrants a “no.” (Cowardly)
  23. Becoming mad on a golf course thinking you are more skilled than you are. (Common but very funny; hilarious to those playing with you.)
  24. Exhibiting a “kids will be kids” attitude when your young ones act like raving lunatics in a public place and not taking remedial action. (Don’t get me started!)
  25. Not seeing the benefit of joining my Inner Circle Sales & Marketing Club. (You might want to seek some other form of professional help)

I suppose there are more ways for you to earn buffoon-status in my book. The gist of today’s message is that exhibiting buffoon characteristics is easy to avoid. You do not have to be a buffoon. The choice is all yours. In fact, it is easy not to be one. But the question that still keeps me up at night is: Then why does our world still have so many buffoons?

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