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3 Social Tips to Ring in the New Year

As we close out the year and start the party to ring in 2018 do you ever feel the need to take stock of how far you’ve progressed? Social marketing moves at lightning speed and here’s a couple of key takeaways to put you in a great position for 2018.

Get a jump start on 2018 and polish off a couple of things before the ball drops and the fireworks start.


No matter if you’ve shot a couple of impromptu videos, gone live or have an entire library of video you’ll want to continue to put out as many videos as possible in 2018.

Remember to upload a video as your Facebook cover image.

Don’t forget to breathe new life into your still images by using them to create a video slideshow.

With the varied options for creating and editing video your expertise and reach can easily skyrocket.

Today: Plan your video strategy for 2018 and write it into your marketing plan.

Tip: Check out the latest 360 cameras that will shape 2018!


Social Ads

As organic reach continues to plummet, social ads are continually evolving. Amplifying your brand with a variety of ad objectives is a smart way to optimize your ad budget.

Don’t forget to check out all the options for custom audiences, target audiences and your own Facebook pixel. (Haven’t added a pixel yet, go ahead and do that today! You’ll find it helpful to track conversions, remarket to qualified leads and build better audiences.)

Today: Review your advertising budget and invest in video advertising to reach your unique target audiences. Also, add that pixel if you haven’t already.

Tip: Check out the variety of pixel events to find what works best for you!


Social Measuring

So many people simply use the number of fans as their social measuring benchmark. Wouldn’t you love to understand your fans better and put out content that resonates with them? The metrics and analytics in your social ad platforms have come a long way this year.

Today: Review your 2017 success and define new targets for 2018.

Tip: Check out the granular details on Facebook Ads Manager or Power Editor and track your Facebook and Instagram successes.

Time is running out. The ball will drop at midnight! Make sure you’re ready for an amazing 2018 by having a plan in place that boosts your brand awareness and transforms your business.


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