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All Good Marketers Do Every Day

When I am asked the difference between an amateur and a professional (in any profession) my answer is the same. An amateur does things when they want to do them, while a professional does things when it is time to do them.

As long as you are doing what you are doing, you might as well strive to become a professional. If travel is your career of choice, let’s work diligently at becoming a pro.

That makes sense to me.

Regardless of your industry of choice and/or your rung on the employee ladder, it behooves you to understand that you are in the marketing business. With that as a core belief, I will now introduce you to a number of things “professional marketers” do on a daily basis. Take notes and then follow suit.
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  • Listen to audio recordings and podcasts which discuss marketing strategies, success stories, and failures. These can be found by Googling “marketing audios” and by searching YouTube Files.
  • Read a single marketing article every day. Google is my search engine of choice, and will provide many thousands of articles to choose from.
  • Read books written about marketing. If you need a suggestion in this area, try Harry Beckwith, Seth Godin, XYZ and Mike Marchev.
  • Go to seminars and workshops whenever given the opportunity. I understand live presentations are not something you can do every day, but there are a number of recordings on the web. Browse a little and get ready for a plethora of choices.
  • Record and critique yourself. This is easy for me to suggest, and far harder for you to do. Professionals record themselves and listen for ways to improve their delivery and communication skills. Amateurs can’t be bothered.
  • Practice your trade. Make “failure” your friend. Step outside of your comfort zone and try different methods. Learn as you burn.
  • Remember to stick to the basics. Polite, ethical, consistent behavior will never go out of style. Trends may come and go, but the basics will serve you well for a lifetime.
  • Try new things. Improvise. Experiment. Have fun learning. Don’t play to the wrong audience and worry about what some people may think of you.
  • Work daily on strengthening your strengths and spend less time worrying about your weaknesses. Home run hitters are paid to hit home runs. Airline pilots are paid to land airplanes. Auto mechanics are paid to fix cars. Don’t try to be a everything for everyone. Strengthen your strengths.

That’s all you have to do to become the tops in your field. Do these nine things every day, and when the year 2018 comes to an end you will be miles ahead of where you are today.

Now you know what you have to do. It is up to you to do it. Are you an amateur or are you a professional?

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