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And now…time for a nap

In this “go, go, go” world we live in, it is important to take some time for yourself. Forever (it seems) teachers and professors have been able to take sabbaticals to refresh and renew. They take their time off and relax, and re-educate themselves to be the best they can be for their students when they return. Unfortunately, in our industry few of us have back up agents to carry us for many months; and those that do likely don’t have the cash flow to support that time off. So here’s what we do.

Every year, Travel Research Online “shuts down” for the lat two weeks of the year and this is a much appreciated perk from Richard Earls. Typically, it is a slow time for the travel industry. Hey, we all have families and loved ones too and it is always nice to spend time with them. Most people are not out shopping for travel in the midst of the holidays; and business travel slows down considerably.

So why not take some time to recharge and refresh and come into the new year with a clean mind and a new perspective? I agree.  And this year, my hibernation begins tomorrow.  I will return with my weekly column on January 1st ready to tackle whatever the travel industry decides to throw our way in 2018.

And this is something I encourage you do as best you can. I not only take a break from TRO, I also scale back on my agency life as well.

  • I cut back my hours.
  • I sleep in late.
  • I answer emails on a schedule, not when they come in.
  • I schedule a bunch of “me” time: my own shopping, visiting friends, nights out for dinner, etc.
  • I tidy up my office. Toss old brochures. Set up a new calendar. Tweak my marketing plan. Clean and polish my desk—this is oddly satisfying to me!

By January 1st, I am ready for the crush. I am refreshed with a clear mind and ready to tackle the world. My desk is clean, shiny, and everything is in its proper place—for at least an hour or two. But most importantly, my mind is clear which will allow for some creative juice to flow and kick off 2018 with a bang.

And with that, I will take my leave and wish you all a very safe, happy and healthy holiday and a Happy New Year!

See ya next year (sorry the 5th grader in me could not resist)!

Do you take some R&R at the end of the year? What do you do?




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