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Beware The Email

The subject of today’s column deals with emails.

EMAIL DANGERS – I received an email from a person this week that immediately triggered my aggravation button (and this is hard to do I might add at my age).

I am sure it wasn’t written in the way I interpreted it, and I like to think I am above such nonsense. Apparently, I am not. I was miffed.

My internal voice sounded something like this:

  • Answer it.
  • Don’t answer it.
  • Answer it.
  • Don’t answer it.
  • Let them have it.
  • Don’t be foolish.
  • If I don’t straighten them out, who will?
  • Who cares?
  • Answer it.
  • Don’t answer it.

It doesn’t matter if I misinterpreted this email or not. The fact is that the wording and phrasing of this written communication resulted in a form of mental anguish, which I am certain was something other than what the writer expected.

I’m guessing here.


Write your emails in such a way as to avoid any chance for misinterpretation. (Do the best you can.)

  • When in a bad mood don’t send an email.
  • When in a silly mood, remember not everybody “gets” your sense of humor. Be careful before hitting the send button.
  • When in a good mood, still be careful.

The operative word when writing and sending emails is: CAUTION. Think and write with care when it is time to send an email.
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PART 2 – Be cognizant of what I like to refer to as the “email pit.” Once an email falls below the bottom of your computer screen, it is as good as gone.

If you do not receive a response to one of your emails, don’t simply cross it off your to-do list thinking that “it is now in your client’s court.” Don’t hesitate to resend your email. At the very least, this will bring it back to the top of their inbox in position for a second review.

This repetition might upset a handful of “A-type” personalities, but such is life. With any luck, they will get over it. Chances are, your second email will be received with gratitude by most.

The New Year is fast approaching. Make it a point to polish your email communications in the coming 12 months while following up when appropriate in a polite and professional fashion.  Happy New Year!

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