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Discover Croatia with Via Tours

For a unique Croatian experience, look no further than Via Tours Croatia. Their mission is to offer exclusive experiences away from the public eye that are preserved for the most discerning travelers to discover the authentic way of life in Croatia and Eastern Europe. Via Tours is the local link to all the best Croatia has to offer.

PictureFor over 13 years, Via Tours Croatia and their team have been working hard to craft specific tours that highlight anything and everything Croatia has to offer visitors. They feel that testing and staying on top of new travel trends, and offering only pre-checked extraordinary activities is their obligation. They do this on a regular basis to ensure that travelers get the top-notch experience they desire and deserve. Via Tours goes beyond Croatia, and also services tours to Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, and Albania. With offices in both the United States and Croatia, they can offer complete support through the booking process to agents, as well as in-destination support for anyone who travels to one of their offered destinations.

Panorama of old town of Dubrovnik in Croatia

This fully family-owned business offers more than just a travel package with their detailed personalized experiences. Via Tours works with carefully hand-selected partners, drivers, and guides to ensure that each aspect of a tour experience is exactly as intended. Their strong relationship with this partners, built since the company was founded in 2003, give them the advantage to offer exclusive and highly creative ideas that cannot be found with a simple search of the internet. Via Tours has also hand picked the best local farms and wineries for the ultimate culinary experiences in Croatia. The Crolicious Association gives Via Tours the advantage to offer services that others cannot, and even the most demanding of travelers will be provided for.

PictureVia Tours Croatia offers many different types of tours, from food and wine tours to active tours, and even combination land and sea tours. Explore Croatia’s history with a UNESCO World Heritage based tour, or get into the beauty surrounding you in Croatia while still relaxing with a Golf Tour. For the ultimate Game of Thrones fan, Via Tours Croatia even offers a GOT Tour where you can explore sites that were used in filming for the series! Via Tours gives travelers the opportunity to see locations in Croatia and Eastern Europe in ways they have only ever dreamed of.

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