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Maximize Productivity and Organization with VacationCRM

If you are searching for the ultimate all-in-one platform built by the modern travel agent for the modern travel agent look no further than VacationCRM. Providing powerful tools to help you succeed, VacationCRM is trusted by over 5,000 agents and the go-to for efficiency.

PictureVacationCRM’s platform allows you to have the organization you need. You can track your client’s trip status from initial contact through traveled. With the trip information being automatically added to your dashboard you do not have to worry about any of the logistics. It allows you to stay on top of final payments, upcoming trips, current trips, and even more. With the simple click of a button you can import any and all booking details with Travel Impressions, Apple Vacations, Classic Vacations, Avanti Destinations, GOGO Vacations, Carnival Cruise Line, and Holland America. You can even directly submit payments from VacationCRM! The ability to directly integrate supplier information allows for a streamlined presentation of detail.

Keeping your client’s payments up to date has never been easier with VacationCRM’s platform. You can keep an accurate record of a client’s trip totals, balances, and payments with ease. You can even send payments directly with select suppliers through VacationCRM, simplifying the payment process. VacationCRM’s comprehensive statistics allow you to quickly and easily run reports for commission, marketing, group status, and even more. It even gives agency owners the opportunity to filter in criteria, like trip status and date. Configure VacationCRM to send automatic emails to clients for final payment, welcome home, birthdays, anniversaries, and even upcoming passport expirations! With VacationCRM, both the agent and the client can have a simple yet personal experience with the many features the platform offers. The templates used are customizable, allowing the agent to say exactly what they’d like, and make each and every notification unique.

PictureVacationCRM is easy to learn to use and provides the best solution for today’s Mobile Travel Professional, allowing remote access from anywhere no matter where you may be. It is supported by all browsers and does not require any software. Say goodbye to clouding up your computer space with downloads! It is a secure way to manage even the smallest details of a trip, and can be used on any web-enabled device. Toggle from tablet to computer to cell phone with no problem, and successfully keep up with your trips. VacationCRM is changing the business practices and lives of its many users, and they could not be more pleased. Mary Fowler, owner of Riverside Tours and Travel had this to say about the platform:

VacationCRM has completely changed the way we do business effectively generating more sales. Rather than spending time looking for files, finding room to store them, or tracking commissions, we have one place for everything. If a client calls, we can easily access the information from our desktop or phone, ending the need to carry files on trips. The reports allow me to see where we are with revenue, group status, future business, and commission tracking. The auto email reminders will email clients for final payment reminders, last-minute details about their trips, and welcome home emails. When there is a special occasion, clients love the emails from us  wishing them well. Everything I need to ensure my business can grow is a click away with VacationCRM.”

VacationCRM is perfect in an industry based on constant travel, providing the best solution to the agent on the move. Visit their site HERE for more information.

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