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Pick A Target Before Giving It Your Best Shot

Here is another lesson via the PGA…the Professional Golfer’s Association. I think you will connect with the message.

The subject: Luke Donald, professional golfer. Back from a wrist problem and recent surgery.

The place: The CA Golf Championships. Doral Golf & Country Club, Miami, Florida.

The scene: Luke Donald was playing alone with his caddie and his coach in a practice round.

This was a “practice” round.

Luke stuck his wooden “t” into the ground and balanced his brand new Titlist golf ball perfectly in position. I stood eight feet away, watching as he set his hands and positioned his feet. He stood over the ball as his coach stood behind him.

That is when it happened. 

His coach asked Luke, “Where are you going to hit it?” Most amateur golfer’s would answer this question with something sounding like “Toward the green. Where else?”

I noticed Luke looking down the fairway before picking out a target. Luke then responded, “Toward that small tree just beyond the bunker on the left. The little one.” Then he proceeded to whack the bajeebers out of the ball. It sailed right toward the designated target.
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As if on instant replay I watched the exact same scenario unfold again and again, hole after hole as Luke continued to tee it up. Remember, this was a practice round.

Hands. Feet. Position. Coach. Question, “Where are you going to hit it this time Luke?” Response focusing on an “specific” target. A different target, but incredibly specific, just the same.

Whack. His shot landed close to the target….close enough for “jazz” and horse shoes. This kid is good.

I remember reading about this “exercise” in a golf book written by famed sports physiologist Dr. Bob Rotella. The good doctor teaches wealthy professionals to always “pick a target.”

Pros in the know are always aiming, shooting and putting toward a specific target. They never just load up and let her rip…like amateurs do more often than not.

That’s a glaring difference between amateurs and pros. That’s a glaring difference between our modest weekly paychecks and their million dollar paydays. Excellence does not come without effort, thought and practice … without lots of practice shooting at targets.

My advice to you today: In 2018, run your business like Luke Donald runs his. “Be Like Luke.” Pick a target. Focus. Take a few warm up swings. Ply your trade…directed toward the target. Make adjustments wen necessary. Then do it again…and again…and again.

P.S: Luke Donald did not win on this particular weekend. But he did remind me what it takes to win.

In the coming year…shoot for a target.

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