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Using ShoreTrips for Interior Cities

Using ShoreTrips for interior cities is something many travel consultants never think about. Our traveling staff is constantly visiting those special destinations that never see a cruise ship! Here are some of our favorites, along with one or two of our Must-Do excursions. How do we know you MUST try these?  Because we are still talking about them years later!

shutterstock_377819287PARIS, FRANCE – Of course, Paris is always on the list, and anytime we can stop there we do so as we travel back and forth from Europe. We have walked the entire city, but one of our special moments was our private St. Germain Walking Tour with French lunch. We toured with an author who has lived in Paris for most of his adult life and after our interesting walk full of history as well as stories, we followed him to his flat and enjoyed a special lunch!


shutterstock_139540724SAN SEBASTIAN, SPAIN – Ships may come to Bilbao or Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France which facilitates visits to many of the wonderful Basque villages. One would be the city of San Sebastian, but many go to visit without a ship as part of the transportation. However you arrive to the northern part of Spain (or southern France), you can enjoy our San Sebastian Market Stroll with lunch in a private Gastronomic Club. We lucked out as one of the many operators we met with had something no one else had access to – one of the famous ‘eating clubs’ originally created for men who were not invited to cook in the small kitchens at home. Ours has a Michelin chef who will teach you some easy recipes that you can make at home. We know – because we did so!


shutterstock_148478186KYOTO, JAPAN –  Kyoto is another magical city that requires some land travel for cruise ship passengers. It is a major city for visitors that are not cruisers and it has some exceptional experiences. Arashiyama, the second most important district, immerses you into the heavenly neighborhood of the bamboo groves, several shrines and zen temples and Okochi Mountain Villa. Having been there and done that, again this image of those bamboo groves will never leave my mind.


shutterstock_131555354MILAN, ITALY– Yes, the center of the international fashion industry for sure. We found it also the center of opera, and visited a home for retired opera stars as well as touring La Scala. And of course, the Last Supper, which has been moved into a special building for its preservation. This was funded by Sony, so unless you have special connections to that industry of sound you need to use ShoreTrips to secure your timed ticket. The Brera Art Gallery, The Last Supper, and Castello Sforzesco  is one way we offer this, along with some special gallery stops, but if your thing is opera, let us know!


shutterstock_172091198AMMAN, JORDAN – Our guide was so wonderful and made us so comfortable. One day for lunch he turned to us and said ‘Don’t worry, I won’t take your clients here’ and then led us down an alley to an open air restaurant of locals under a corrugated canopy where we learned to eat with one hand. He also took us to his mosque and brought us onto the carpet, then explained each part of his prayer and what the physical movements meant. He was a gem! This experience is not on our site but just call Barry and Julie and they will happily put together an amazing day in Amman or Petra – or both!

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