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15 Social Marketing Tactics You Can Do in a Flash

Does your email box fill up faster than you can say ‘Travel’? Do you feel like the phone hasn’t stopped ringing? (not a bad thing) Are you left with 10 or 15 minutes between meetings and wonder how to make the most of your time?

Getting from frazzled to fruitful…

….swamped to strategic…

…chaotic to connected is do-able when you make the most of short spurts of time.

In today’s world it seems that busy is the new badge of honor.  Crazy! Stunned! Buried! Overloaded!  These are words that seem to be everywhere.  How are we to get anything done…we’re too busy!

For many travel & tourism pros, this means that marketing takes the back seat to putting out fires and working on what was left over from last week.  Whew!  Then all of a sudden you find yourself with a few minutes to spare and realize you need to do some marketing so that next quarter you’ll be busy too. (a good kind of busy)

Here’s a couple of marketing tactics you can squeeze into those gaps and get yourself out of ‘frazzle’ mode.

Standing in Line for Coffee — 5-10 Minutes to Spare

  1. When’s the last time you changed your cover images on your social sites? Can’t remember? Now’s a great time to think about what you’re selling most and pop a photo of that destination into your cover image.  Remember to do this for each of your social sites.  Here’s how.
  2. Scroll thru your social feed (I’ll bet you’re doing that anyway) and head over to the sites of your top suppliers. See something that will appeal to your fans?  Just Share it!  Easy!
  3. You’ve got your phone in hand and the line-up isn’t moving very fast, why not search out your newest clients’ social sites. Scan thru for a better understanding of how you can serve them better and build a stronger relationship.  Do you both love cats?  Do you both like the same sports?  Great conversation builders and ways to solidify a relationship.
  4. While you’re checking out your clients’ social site, pop them a friend request.
  5. Speaking of friends, why not use this time to invite some of your friends to like your business page. Choose only a couple of friends to invite each day.  It’s quick & easy!

Commuting by Train or Bus — 10-15 Minutes to Spare

  1. Your cover image is like your store-front window of days gone by. How about decorating it with a slide show or video.  These 2 relatively new tools on Facebook will make your page POP!
  2. Did you know the average person sends about 40 business emails a day? That’s 40 marketing opportunities a day!  Wow! Get the most out of your time by changing your email signature line weekly or even daily to reflect your strategic marketing goals.  You’ll inspire at least 40 people!
  3. We all know video is getting crazy big social engagement. With just a couple of minutes you can use your still images to create a video slideshow and ramp up your engagement and reach.  Here’s how.
  4. Scroll thru your social feed with a purpose. Check out the tone, style and graphics of your colleagues, top suppliers and industry leaders.  What tone of voice are they using?  Are there any words that pop out at you?  What graphics do you see that are wow-worthy?  Take note of these and consider how you can adapt your findings to your own posts and graphics.

Perplexed by a project and need a break – 15-30 minutes

  1. Create a photo album or Pinterest board with photos from your latest fam.
  2. Write your next blog post. Yep, it can be done in less than 30 minutes.  Start with great photos and…. here’s the rest of the story.
  3. Read up on social advertising tips. With organic reach plummeting and social ad options skyrocketing it’s time to get really, really good at social ads. Here’s a primer for you.
  4. Speaking of social ads, take a bit of time and elevate your ad audiences to reach more of the people you want. Targeting tips here.
  5. Turn your latest blog post into a Facebook Note. It’s as simple as copy and paste.
  6. Ditto for LinkedIn Pulse. Copy and paste your latest blog post into a Pulse article and earn even more eyeballs for your hard work.


Each of these simple marketing tactics can be accomplished in those couple of spare minutes we all have each day.  For a quick view, check out the infographic below.


These tasks don’t take the place of a well thought out strategic marketing plan, yet can transform your editorial calendar into a well-executed document simply by taking advantage of those few extra minutes we all have in our day.

How will you tap into those few spare minutes in your day to turn the corner from frazzled to fruitful?

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