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Myth: “Selling” is a Numbers Game

The truth is selling is like a game of darts.

Everybody who has ever had anything to do with sales was taught early on “sales was a numbers game.” Make enough calls, meet enough people, shake enough hands, send enough proposals…and the business will follow. The sales gurus of yesteryear led us to believe that quantity was more effective than quality. With much of the thanks going to the Internet, this sales strategy has long been blown to smithereens.
I am not suggesting that this is entirely false. If you ask enough strangers to marry you, sooner or later you will find yourself in a matrimonial state. I am sure you will agree that this isn’t necessarily good news. Some people are operating on an agenda of their own and when you enter their world, they begin doing their happy dance. This often times is not in your best interest.
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But playing the “numbers game” is not the best way (spelled smart way) to grow your business in these competitive times we are all facing. There is not enough time in the day to play a number’s game when it comes to feeding your family. You simply have to be more focused offering more intrinsic value to the budding relationship.

Sales over the years has taken on a different slant. Sales has clearly become analogous to a game of darts. Show me the dartboard. Point me towards the bulls-eye. Give me a dart, and the chances of my hitting a bulls-eye after a series of attempts is pretty darn good.

I will probably “miss” on my first couple of tosses, but if I make the appropriate corrections…a little left…a little lower…it will only be a matter of time before I zero in on my target.

I hope you are following this analogy along with me.

One strategy (numbers) calls for a great deal of luck, whereas the dartboard strategy quickly becomes a game of logic, focus and finesse.

Play darts, folks. Identify a target. Pick a marketing weapon. Launch your campaign. Make appropriate adjustments. Win the game. Celebrate.

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