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Consistently Constant

How consistent is your marketing?  In each instance where the public comes into contact with your company, the message they perceive must be the same. Whether they are meeting you in person, looking at your web site, reading your tweets or viewing an advertisement you have created, the essential ethic of the company must resonate. Without consistency, your clients and the public at large won’t understand your brand. When the consumer continually sees your travel practice presented with the same brand message, each iteration reinforces the last and has the effect of building a solid impression.

But consistency is not enough. Your marketing must also be constant.

PictureToo often, travel agents jump from one marketing tactic to the next without regard for being constant in their approach. There are many venues and tactics from which to choose: networking, public relations, advertising, social media, and each of those larger tactical categories have many opportunities from which to choose. A well thought-out campaign using a few select venues constantly is a better approach than a random sampling of many different marketing outlets. It is a well-known marketing principle that a consumer has to see your marketing several times before remembering your brand message and then acting. If you spread your marketing efforts between too many venues without sufficient frequency in any one, however, you may never have an opportunity to make sufficient impact on those consumers who participate in only one or two of those venues.

Choose a couple of marketing venues that serve you well and develop an expertise in using that information channel to speak with the consumer. It might be networking in your local community and writing a local newspaper column. Hone your tactical skills there and use those venues with sufficient frequency to become well-known for your efforts. Then layer on an additional venue and then another. In each instance, have a plan and be consistent in your brand message and informed by your mission statement.

Properly executed, your efforts at being authentic, intentional and consistent in your marketing will bear fruit.

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