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Expertly Crafted European Vacations with Sceptre

Since 1981 Sceptre has been in the business of delivering happiness, and nothing makes them happier than sharing the magnificence of Europe. From their to yours, building trust and confidence one glorious vacation at a time, Sceptre designs and plans the kind of custom travel experience that they themselves would enthusiastically embrace. Because Sceptre is family-owned-and-operated, they are meticulous about every detail of every tour designed.

Sceptre Vacations makes certain they remain a trusted and sought-after way to experience Europe. Quality, value, and excellent customer service go hand in hand with one of the most imaginative and exciting options you can find, with each vacation looked upon as an opportunity to share a unique and unforgettable experience with a friend.

Sceptre destinations include Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, Iceland, Italy, France, and Spain.

Custom Fit: For Sceptre, travel is a craft and quality is a tradition. They take the clients’ vacation personally, and strive to ensure the perfect experience. Sceptre’s vacation consultants are skilled in creating custom FIT itineraries that are designed to be fully immersive with a heightened focus on the local cuisine, culture, and lifestyle.

Golf Vacations: Most golfers have a few European courses on their bucket list, especially in Ireland and Scotland. Let the dedicated Golf Department use their expertise to create a truly once-in-a-lifetime golf vacation for the individual golfer client or a golf group. From tee times at top-rated courses to the best golfer-friendly hotels, they’ll take care of every detail.


Chauffeur Vacations: The ultimate way to travel is with an experienced, local driver behind the wheel. Clients will get to sit back and enjoy every moment of their getaway without any stress of driving or worries of getting lost. Sceptre’s advice? Bring a few friends or family to make a chauffeur vacation even more affordable!

Custom Group Vacations: Sceptre’s trusted customized groups team is dedicated to creating expertly crafted group itineraries with unique excursions, local guides, professional drivers, and excellent accommodations to ensure the most unforgettable group tour. Choose from their predesigned group itinerary suggestions or allow them to customize a unique and memorable group trip. Groups are the specialty with Sceptre, and they work tirelessly to ensure that each experience is seamlessly orchestrated, personalized, and remarkable!

Expertly Crafted Air-Inclusive Vacations: Low cost airfare, private airport transfers, automatic car rentals, centrally located top-quality hotels, unique sightseeing, local cuisine, immersive experiences — these are what you’ll find in Sceptre’s expertly crafted air-inclusive vacations. Sceptre has predesigned vacation packages with the discerning clients in mind, and made it easy to book quickly and affordably, both online or through our call center. If you don’t find a package with exactly what your clients want, let us know and we’ll custom design one that’s perfect for you.

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