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Explore Local China with China Tour

For a trustworthy and reliable travel agency that specializes in China travel, China Tour has you covered. Creating fantastic tours of China that focus on the rich history, magnificent landscapes, and the lifestyles, this company puts the best of the best in China on display.

PictureChina Tour uses their years of travel industry experience, combined with their all-encompassing knowledge of Chinese culture, to create memorable and exciting tours fit for all ages. It all starts with their incredible staff and customer service. China Tour’s team of well-trained and knowledgeable staff will work with you to craft a custom tour package that fits your budget. They offer some of the most competitive rates and diverse travel options. Whether you are planning your first trip to China, or returning for a more in-depth exploration, China Tour can give you the experience you desire.

China Tour makes the booking process simple, and they take great care in being available to address any and all travel concerns you may have before, during, or even after the trip! Upon arrival, local representatives will greet you at the airport and whisk you away to your hotel. During your entire tour from start to finish China Tour’s multilingual, highly experienced tour guides will ensure your comfort and enjoyment along the way. They also guarantee that shopping is just one side of the cultural experiences, mainly for the convenience of their customers and not an obligation.

Small (Little) Wild Goose Pagoda, XIan, Shaanxi, China. One of the popular touristic destination in XIan

North American operated, with offices in China, China Tour is a BBB member: this means they offer both quality service and the best tour arrangements. They’ve been providing high quality tour options since 1996, and China Tour provides full services from start to end of each and every trip they carefully organize. They are real experts on China, with offices in China that include the most up to date information and superior customer service. China Tour is one of the few companies fully run and operated by a Chinese owner and management team, and their itinerary designing team is nothing short of spectacular. It includes Chinese history experts, photographers, traveling experts, experienced trainers, and local cuisine lovers.

Traditional Jiangnan Style Pavilion And Bridge at Xixi National Wetland Park, Hangzhou, China

China Tour sources local guides that know the best of the best in the areas you’re exploring. Using locals not only gives their client a more immersive local experience, but offers employment in the area. Their incredible attention to detail makes China Tour one of the top tour options in China.

Visit their website today at www.chinatour.com to learn more about your options, and begin planning your dream vacation!
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