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Playing with Penguins in Antarctica through Marnella Tours

Surrounded by the Southern ocean, Antarctica is the earth’s southernmost continent. While it may not have any year-round residents, it does have much to offer visitors looking to explore its icy plains. Thanks to Marnella Tours the supplier sponsor of this article, you can plan your trip with ease.

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  • Antarctica is unique in way that many other destinations are not. The continent went virtually undiscovered until the 19th century, and has no history of an indigenous population. Currently Antarctica’s population varies, and to this day there have only been eleven children born on the continentThe main visitors to Antarctica are researchers that visit throughout the year. The population of these research stations, with nearly 1,000 people in the winter and 5,000 people in the summer. Compared to the populations of almost everywhere else in the world, Antarctica is inherently different, making it special in its own way. It is the coldest, driest, and windiest continent as well as having the highest elevation of all the continents. This doesn’t deter visitors looking for an outdoor experience unlike any other though. Antarctica is home to many beautiful outdoor sites, and areas of exploration perfect for any curious mind. One of the places in Antarctica that must be seen and adventured on a trip to the icy continent is Paradise Harbor.  This wide embayment also known as Paradise Bay is one of only two harbors used for cruise ship stops and visits to the continent. Located on the coast of the bay is one of the many research bases found throughout the icy landscape: Almirante Brown Antarctic Base.


  • This research base belongs to Argentina, and is named after the father of the Argentinian Navy Admiral William Brown. From the years of 1951-1984 it was a permanent antarctic base and scientific research station, but since then has only regularly opened during the summer season. At this base many research programs have been developed including those for environmental nuclear radiation, geophysics, and continental and sea ice glaciology. Its location near Paradise Harbor draws many visitors to its 3.5 acre grounds. One of the most popular activities near Almirante Brown Antarctic Base is to climb the hill behind it to a viewpoint 276 ft. above the base. Enjoy breathtaking views of the expansive landscape and bay around you from this point. Coming back down is definitely more fun, as many opt to human bobsled down the slope instead of climbing. The weather in the area of the base is relatively mild compared to the rest of the continent, another reason it is a popular visitor destination in Antarctica. Port Lockroy is one of the most popular places to visit on a trip to the coldest continent. This natural harbor is located on the north-western shore of Wiencke Island in front of the Antarctic Peninsula. In the early 1900’s the harbor was used heavily for whaling, and during the second World War Station A was established by the British military. This station base, renovated in 1996, is now both a museum and a post office. It has become one of the most popular visitor spots in Antarctica, especially by cruise ship visitors, and is operated by the United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust.


  • A small gift shop is directly responsible for funding the Station A museum and post office maintenance, as well as other historic sites throughout Antarctica. Make sure not to leave without getting your souvenir passport stamp! Another area popular for visitors to Antarctica especially those on cruise ships is Half Moon Island. Spanning 420 acres this minor island is home to Camara Base, an Argentine base and research station. It is currently open only during the summer season, while previously open and functioning year round. Many different research divisions do work on the base, including Environmental Management analyzing the impact of local tourism. Half Moon Island is home to several different plants and has even been identified as an Important Bird Area due to the bird species located there. Often you can even see fur seals bathing out on the beaches, and if you’re lucky you might catch a whale swimming leisurely along the shore. Stroll along the walking path on the southern part of the island and get up close and personal with the penguins. Blood Falls is a rather interesting and unique site to see on a visit to Antarctica. Located in Victoria Land, East Antarctica Blood Falls is an outpouring of iron-oxide tainted salt water. This is what gives it the blood-red color the falls garnered their name from. When it was discovered arctic pioneers attributed the color to red algae, but later discovered it was actually that the water was iron-oxide tainted. It is unlike almost anything else you’ll see on the continent, and absolutely should not be missed when traveling its expanse of land.


  • Neko Harbor is the second harbor used by cruise ships to access Antarctica. Located on the Eastern shore of Andvord Bay, the harbor is home to approximately 250 breeding pairs of Gentoo penguins. Many of them like to nest around what used to be an Argentinian refuge hut located in the area. There is more to Neko Harbor than just the penguins though, and one of the most interesting sites found there is a large glacier. It can sometimes even be seen caving ice, a memorable sight you won’t forget on your trip to the continent. Mount Erebus is the second-highest volcano in Antarctica, as well as the southernmost active volcano on Earth. Located on Ross Island, Mount Erebus has been active for over one million years and is also home to the Mount Erebus Volcano Observatory. It is run by the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. Ross Island also contains three inactive volcanoes, including Mount Terror. While Antarctica is home to many different science bases and stunning outdoor terrain, there are a handful of different ways to get to explore its vast beauty. After taking your time and exploring as many of the 13 research stations located on the continent, spend an afternoon kayaking through the icy blue water. You might even encounter a humpback whale breeching right next to you! You can’t say you visited Antarctica without doing the polar plunge: a quick dip into the coldest waters you’ve ever experienced. Warm up with a hot apple cider after, and be able to go home saying you took the plunge.


  • For the real thrill seeker in your group explore the stretch of sea known as The Drake Passage. It is known as once being one of the most dangerous sea passages in the world, but rest assured it has gotten much more safe over time. For the history buff or curious scientific mind you can learn all about the history of whaling and science at Deception Island. Here you can gain knowledge on how the development of human history through the harsh conditions present in Antarctica. Here you can walk through what is now a ghost town of buildings previously used for research and technology. If you’ve always dreamed of being athletic all over the world, run a marathon through the Antarctic Peninsula. It is a dream of many runners to marathon on each continent, and there are an array of running events scheduled throughout the year so if that’s you plan your trip around these times! For a drink in the southernmost bar in the world make sure to visit the Vernadsky Research Base, where scientists have taken up the hobby of distilling vodka.

Antarctica is a continent that not many immediately think to visit for their yearly vacation, but with the help of Marnella Tours your trip can be everything you want it to be and more!

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