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Premier Travel Agent Services with THOR Inc.

When it comes to selecting a travel service company there are many factors to take into account. Making such an important decision can be challenging, but after browsing the options that THOR Inc. has to offer you won’t need to look any further.

PictureTHOR Inc. is an international travel services company that has been providing products and services to the world’s leading travel providers since 1977. Over the years THOR Inc. has built lasting, strong relationships with their suppliers. These special relationships that THOR Inc. has worked so hard to build are just one of the many benefits that THOR’s travel agency members have access to. These suppliers also offer THOR agency members guaranteed commission, negotiated rates, and even exclusive promotions throughout the year.

This travel service has other features that benefit members, like the THOR Hotel Program. It provides discounted and commissionable hotel rates through the travel agency’s preferred GDS. Through THOR’s preferred hotel partnerships, the company has the ability to offer its travel agent members discounted rates, upgrades, and other unique offers. Even more exciting, the Hotel Program also includes agent access to hotel chain education and webinars, as well as exclusive supplier networking events. Having the opportunity to meet with suppliers in a face to face manner is an advantage that not all travel services can provide.

PictureTHOR Inc. also has a Car Program that offers travel agent members discounts and commission, as well as personalized service and dedicated reservation lines when arranging car service. This serves THOR’s commitment to helping its travel agent members be as effective and efficient as possible. THOR Inc.’s Service Program offers agents additional discounts due to their affiliation with the company. Whether it is assisting clients and helping them save money on passports, aid in collecting hotel commission, and other administrative tasks the THOR Services program is there to help agents focus on their goal of selling travel.

Everyday THOR Inc. continues to increase customer value and transform products and services to suit the ever-changing needs of their customers and clients. For more information on THOR Inc. and their agent offerings, visit them at their site below.
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