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Rustic Queenstown with Goway Travel

Queenstown, New Zealand is more than being the resort town it is known as. With beautiful waterfalls and mountains, it is the epitome of serene. Thanks to Goway Travel, the supplier sponsor of this article, your Queenstown travel dreams can become reality.

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  • Surrounded by breathtaking mountains and located on the idyllic shore of crystal clear Lake Wakatipu, the town of Queenstown is the perfect place for a relaxing retreat from the business of your everyday life. With a plethora of activities to partake in, and sites to see, Queenstown is a destination that has something for everyone in your travel party. As mentioned above, the town is located on Lake Wakatipu, one of Queenstown’s many beautiful lakes. It also happens to be the longest lake in New Zealand, and was featured in many scenes of the popular Lord of the Rings movie series. Walk along its waters and keep an eye out for the TSS Earnslaw, a vintage steamboat that can regularly be found in its serene waters. Surrounding Lake Wakatipu is The Remarkables mountain range. While there is controversy as to where the name of the mountain range came from, there is no doubt that the Remarkables are the perfect backdrop to the town of Queenstown. Many activities for the thrill-seeker take place on and around the Remarkables mountain range, like bungy jumping, skiing, and even paragliding. 


  • Milford Sound is another popular water feature offered to visitors in the area of Queenstown. This fjord is claimed to be New Zealand’s most popular travel destination, and once you get a look at it you’ll understand why. Take a boat tour to explore its pristine waters, home to seals, penguins, and the southernmost population of bottlenose dolphins. Whale-watching is popular along the fjord, as Humpback whales and Southern Right whales are found in the area as well. Gaze on the numerous waterfalls on your boat tour of Milford Sound, or opt for a more personal adventure in a canoe or kayak on your own. Routeburn track is another outdoor activity worth partaking in on your New Zealand vacation. This world renowned hiking track spans almost 20 miles, and is easily accessible from Queenstown. The track carves through two national parks, offering even more wilderness for hikers to explore. The track has a history of use dating back to the late 1800’s, and allows visitors to take in some mesmerizing long-distance views in an array of directions. Not too far from Queenstown is Coronet Peak, a well-known skiifield that hosts a rather long snow season. Located on the slopes of a peak sharing the same name, Coronet Peak is a great way to experience New Zealand and get a workout in at the same time!


  • Found along the same road that leads from Queenstown to Coronet Peak, Skippers Canyon is another site that cannot be missed on your trip. This historic gorge is a little over 13 miles in length, and was once known as a popular gold mining location. Skyline Queenstown offers a handful of different activities all in one place. Take a gondola ride and gaze upon the wonderful Queenstown scenery around you. The luge is fun for all ages, allowing riders to take the drivers seat. Reserve a spot for the stargazing experience for night time peace and incredible views out of this world! Skyline Queenstown has much to offer groups and travelers of all ages, and will easily take up a day in on your trip. The Kiwi Birdlife Park offers a way to get up close and personal with some of the wildlife found in Queenstown. The sanctuary is dedicated to reptiles and birds, especially kiwis. The park boasts conservation programs for over 20 endangered native species, and have planted 12,000 native trees to transform the area into a beautiful oasis. Enjoy daily animal talks and shows, where you can learn more about the special animals found in Kiwi Birdlife Park. Take an audio tour or a private guided tour for an in-depth educational experience. If you’re interested in native plants as well, the Queenstown Botanical Gardens is a lovely way to do so. The gardens contain a variety of exotic as well as native tree and plant life. 


  • Queenstown Botanical Gardens is also home to many different facilities, like tennis courts, disc golf, and skateboarding and BMX biking areas. Take a leisurely stroll around the large pond found in the gardens, or trek down one of the walking trails that offers views of the surrounding Remarkable mountain range and Lake Wakatipu. For a unique experience with optical illusions, visit Odyssey Sensory Maze Queenstown. This family-friend maze sends you on a journey that will invigorate and indulge your senses, as well as challenge your mind. Sound effects, scents, quirky obstacles are among the encounters through the experience. For a more local feel in Queenstown and the surrounding area, visit one of the many art galleries that highlight work from local artists.


  • Central Art Gallery, for example, houses works from over 90 leading New Zealand artists ranging in style. Over 1,000 pieces of art are on display. Artbay Gallery is home to master landscape artists’ work in many mediums, from sculpture to contemporary fine art. Find your favorite vintage wine at one of the Queenstown wineries. The area, known for producing some of the world’s best pinot noir, will have you spending a day exploring wine cellars and vineyards in search of your favorite wines. You can set up a tour with one of the many local companies in Queenstown, or just float from winery restaurant to winery restaurant tasting wines and chatting with locals. For a more low-key day in Queenstown, explore some of the local shops and shopping options. Visit one of the specialty food stores and pack a picnic lunch perfect for a relaxing afternoon in one of the park areas. Browse book stores, like The Black Cat Bookshop which carries new and used books of all genres. Maybe even pick up a book on the history of Queenstown, and learn even more about the magnificent area of New Zealand you’re located in.


  • Another way to really get a taste for the town of Queenstown is, well, through the food! For a fine dining experience tucked away in a homey environment, The Bunker Restaurant and Bar is exactly what you’re looking for. Tucked away in an alley, the Bunker’s restaurant specializes in game meats and local seafood, while the upstairs bar crafts intricate cocktails. For local flavors and a Michelin star chef, check out Rata. Owned and operated by Josh Emmet, this restaurant adds a contemporary flare to the local sizzle. Locally sourced seafood, and delicious meat and cheese dishes are just a few of the offerings of this highly-rated upscale dining option. For something more laid back, the iconic Fergburger is a great options. Popular amongst the locals, Fergburger makes inexpensive and filling meals that often have lines winding out the door. Order online ahead of time if you can! For a pizza known to please a crowd, The Cow Restaurant is the place for you. Based in a literal cow shed, this restaurant has a menu that’s been the same since the 1970’s. Its classic stable doors and fireplace are inviting and friendly after a long day of hiking through Queenstown.

Queenstown, New Zealand blends the beauty of the outdoors with attractions and activities that keep visitors returning. Don’t miss your chance to explore rustic Queensland with Goway Travel now!

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