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Sunbathing on the Nicoya Peninsula with Costa Rica Dream Adventures

Located on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is the Nicoya Peninsula. Known for its magnificent beaches, it is the perfect place for a rugged adventure or a lazy day lounging in the sun. The Nicoya Peninsula has quickly become a popular destination for travelers all over the globe, and thanks to Costa Rica Dream Adventure, the supplier sponsor of this article, you’ll have the opportunity to see all of what these beautiful beaches have to offer.

Forming the largest peninsula in Costa Rica, the Nicoya Peninsula is a perfect vacation spot for those who love the calming sounds of waves breaking on the shoreline. One of the most popular outdoor activities to participate in is surfing. Whether you’re a novice who has never been on a board, or a pro looking for some practice waves (or no competition), the Nicoya Peninsula is the perfect place to work on your skills.

PictureChoosing which beach to surf on, however, can be challenging. With so many stunning options along the Nicoya Peninsula, it may be hard to figure out where to start. Playa Samara is located in the heart of the downtown area of the Guanacaste Province, giving visitors more than just the beach to enjoy. If surfing doesn’t suit your fancy, other water activities like paddleboarding, jet-skiing, and fishing are available for entertainment. A beautiful coral reef spans part of the waters of Playa Samara, so don’t forget your snorkeling gear!

To take in the beauty in the Nicoya Peninsula outside of its sparkling, pristine beaches visit the Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve. Created in 1963, it was the first major conservation project in the country. Almost 140 different tree species can be found in the park, along with different animals like howler monkeys and coyotes. While the animals walking above water are impressive, the wildlife found below are all the more interesting. From orcas to mollusks and crabs the shores of Cabo Blanco Island, where the reserve is located.

Diria National Park is another exciting way to spend an afternoon while in the area of the Nicoya Peninsula.
This 12,000 acre park houses over 100 species of birds as well as other wildlife. Hike one of the trails that weave through the park, and see how many of the birds you can spot.

PictureYou cannot leave the Nicoya Peninsula without exploring Playa San Miguel, another one of the area’s most popular beaches. Stretching six miles along the Pacific Ocean, this remote beach gives everyone their own piece of privacy, or at least it feels that way! Aside from the beach itself you can peruse the town area and hang out with the locals known as “Ticos.” If you’re lucky enough to be in Playa San Miguel between July and December you can be a part of the release of the sea turtle hatchlings. Both Ticos and volunteer conservationists take part in the ritual.

Visiting the Nicoya Peninsula will show you a side of Costa Rica unlike any you have ever imagined. For more information on the Nicoya Peninsula, and Costa Rica Dream Adventures visit their site below.
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