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Bordeaux Wine and Shopping with Collette

Bordeaux, France is known for its prestigious wines and famous vineyards. But, there is much more to the historic city known as “Little Paris”. Thanks to Collette, you can learn more about this relaxed French city.

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  • Bordeaux is a port city with the Garonne River running through it. The majority of the city lies on the west bank of the river, with a smaller portion on the east bank. It is the largest city in France by area, with the second highest number of preserved historical buildings in a French city.


  • Being the second largest wine-growing region in the world, Bordeaux produces 800 million bottles per year. Their wines are known to be the some of the best and most prestigious in the world, including: Chateau Haut Brion, Chateau Lafite Rothschild, Chateau Latour, and Chateau Cheval Blanc. Tours to many of these famous wine producers are available through operators. To further explore the wine culture of Bordeaux, you can also take tours of all the major vineyards of the region. These tours depart daily from Bordeaux to the surrounding country; and head to vineyards such as: Saint Emilion, The Medoc, Canon Fronsac, Graves and Sauternes.


  • In the center of the city, tradition stone mansions and smart terraces give it the name “Little Paris”. The skyline of Bordeaux isn’t busy, as the subsoil is too soft to support skyscrapers. This helps to keep the city looking like its namesake. Historic architecture and monuments, are found all over the city—making the view a great compliment to the excellent wines. The Les Quais (translated as ‘the docks’) lets you take in the view while you walk along the Garonne River in the calm of day or night. Visit one of the largest libraries in France at the Meriadeck, the administrative district of Bordeaux. Stroll through the lush Public Gardens to the north of Gambetta Square. Relive history with monuments to the French Revolution in La Victoire.


  • Of course, visiting France should entail a bit of shopping. Especially if you’re in “Little Paris”. The most popular spot to shop in the city is Rue St. Catherine. This is a pedestrian zone, so you shop leisurely without worries of traffic. From the high-end luxury items to the quirky secondhand, you’ll find a whole day’s worth of shopping in this area. Don’t forget some wine to take home, so you can relive the beauty of Bordeaux.


  • Bordeaux is full of museums for those who wish to learn more about French culture. Those into modern art can visit the Musee D’Art Contemporain. With ever-changing exhibits, it features inspiring installations. The Musee D’Aquitaine has Gallo-Roman statues and relics that date back 25,000 years, and has free entry for the permanent collections. Musee National Des Douanes (Customs National Museum) is a historical museum full of art that reflects the history of France through commerce, trade, and taxes—and an original painting by Claude Monet.


  • On June 14th, 2018, there is the Annual Wine Festival. It lasts three day, and is a lively time. Of course, there are wine tastings from the local Bordeaux and Aquitaine regions. But, it also includes live music, magic shows, and tasting workshops.


Bordeaux has something for every traveler who wishes to experience French culture, without the overcrowded streets of Paris. Taste the top wines in the world, walk among gorgeous architecture, or shop until you drop—visit Bordeaux for a relaxing holiday to France with Collette.

Bordeaux, France with Collette

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