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Australia and Beyond with AAT Kings

Australia, and its companion country New Zealand, have always been known for their natural beauty and unique cultures. And, sometimes, we need a little help from a guide to show us the good sites – which is AAT Kings’ goal.

The natural beauties of Australia and New Zealand are unique, and AAT Kings has been showing people their wonders since 1912. That’s 100 years of experience in handling all the hassle involved with getting around on vacation – so you can take in the new memories. Add to that, they show an average of 270,000 guests from all over, and you’ve got a company prepared to lead you through a fantastic vacation.

AAT Kings offers up many different types of tours and information. They can provide you with an insightful Travel Director, who will share advice and personal recommendations. Driver Guides, with their extensive on-road experience and safe driving record, are more than a chance to get from point A to point B – they are a genuine part of the Aussie character. Local Guides at different destinations have the know of their hometown, its cultures and traditions. No matter what kind of tour you chose, their goal has always been to bring these countries to full life.

From 2 to 22 days, journeys across the magnificent landscapes of Australia and New Zealand can take many shapes and sizes. Full, guided holidays to short daytrips; AAT Kings helps you see the genuine side of cultures and the majestic sceneries of both countries. Your options are nearly endless, but make sure to bring your sense of wonder – you’re going to need it with AAT Kings’ tours.






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