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Have you ever experienced less than acceptable service in a store, restaurant, or public attraction and heard yourself ask, “How did that person get into that position?” I know I have…on more than one occasion.

Don’t companies, organizations, associations, etc. realize that it is the competence of their employees that make or break their organization? And don’t these people realize that it only takes seconds to judge their competence? Either positive or negative?

“On-the-job” competence is a true differentiator. Knowing what to do is one thing, being trained to do it is another. Actually doing it day-in and day-out spells the difference between success and failure.

Exhibiting competence (or knowing how to get something done) is communicated in a number of ways.

  • Actually capable of doing what you say you can do (saying what you mean and following through).
  • How you appear coupled with the sound and tone of your voice go a long way toward conveying competency.
  • Coming across too casually, or as someone who is a serious professional, depicts an accurate picture of you and your style.

You can choose to behave in a way that exudes competence, or you can choose to undercut what skills you do have by looking and acting as if you’re not sure of yourself.
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People are actively seeking people who know what they are doing, and are ready and eager to do it. Once they find them, they will have a tendency to stick with them.

So while you are looking for more competent people this week to deal with, why not spend a few minutes trying to become a more competent individual yourself?

Think in terms of small improvements. Take small incremental steps. If you can manage to improve your competency by 1% every day, in a short 70 days you will have doubled your competency quotient. You do the math. It is true. Just 1% per day.

Competence is fast becoming the “game-changer.” Be a player.

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