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Personal Planning with ShoreTrips

The communication from supplier to travel agent, and vice versa, can be confusing at times. Both are in the business of travel; yet, there are aspects and motivations that differ greatly. Even so, it can be a boon to work with people who understand the difficulties of your profession. Thanks to ShoreTrips, that gap is bridged by their personal experience of once being a travel agent.


Barry and Julie Karp, the owners of ShoreTrips, know the personal touch required for the travel industry. Barry has been in the industry for 30 years. Those 30 years were filled with traveling the world in personal, agent, and group leader roles. He was there when leisure travel transitioned from pre-computer into the territory of the electronic, evolving as it did. Julie, who has known Barry all her life, has traveled the world over as well. Originally an interior designer, she decided to make her hobby of travel into a profession. Both of their origins are an advantage in the travel industry, as a hands-on approach combined with the intuition of a client’s desires are part of their process.

They travel to every location they represent in an effort to know the ins-and-outs of those locations. Combine this dedication with the work they’ve put into a way for you to have smaller, more personal tours and adventures—you have a company that you know will have an understanding of your dreams and expectations. This enhancement to your itinerary and planning is a point of pride with ShoreTrips. They also make sure that their staff is well-traveled, educated, and friendly. This reflects the goal of providing the best vacations and trips possible.

The destinations offered by ShoreTrips span all around the world. They can get you to the natural beauty of Hawai’i, where you lounge on gorgeous beaches or kayak near waterfalls. European vacations, including Italy, Iceland, France, Spain, Netherlands, Greece, Germany, Belgium, Romania, and Ireland are all within your reach. How about the wonders of South America? They will also help you experience Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, and more. Experience the vast variety of areas and cultures in America. The world is your oyster, and ShoreTrips helps you find the pearls with tours such as van, walking, kayak, diving, and a whole lot more.

ShoreTrips is always ready to accommodate your unique travel plans with smaller groups sizes for a more personal feel. The amount of creative and customizable tours and trips they offer is something that every traveler and travel agent can appreciate. Find that personal touch with ShoreTrips, and get traveling this amazing planet now.

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