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The Scenic Routes of Asia with Back-Roads Touring Co.

In our modern world, we can become so engrossed with the busier ways of the world that we don’t take time to appreciate the lesser-known sites beyond where mass tourism thrives. There’s nothing wrong with a visit to the Eiffel Tower or Statue of Liberty, these are classics. But, there is always much more character to cultures than the great monuments. This is where Back-Roads Touring Co. shines.

Back-Roads Touring Co.­ has been providing a friendly and relaxed form of tours for over 25 years. They take you to places where culture has survived with little modernization. For example, they’ve helped small groups explore European villages where Medieval castles are the star attraction. Their groups are no larger than 18 on Europe tours, and 22 on their French barge tour. This concept of a smaller group enhances the already personal feel that Back-Roads Touring Co. has been honing for decades.

But, just when you think Back-Roads Touring Co. has everything the world traveler could hope for, they launch The Back-Roads of Asia—and with so many amazing sites to be found outside of cities, Asia is the perfect place to tour with Back-Roads Touring Co. Oh, did I mention that the groups sizes are even smaller, at 14 people maximum per group?

Offering tours in Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia; the varied sites you can see really let you experience the heart of these countries. Tours to the temples of Thailand and Cambodia also take you through vibrant rain forests. Enjoy traditional lunch, courtesy of nuns at the Lien Hoa Pagoda in Vietnam. Cruise through the canals of Bangkok. Or, take a traditional cooking class with Khmer chef in Cambodia. All of these are only a small part of what Back-Roads Touring Co. is offering in their new Asia tours.

Back-Roads Touring Co. offers so much more than a vacation their tours. They offer a relaxing adventure that lets you see, and be part of, local culture. Offering anywhere from 5-day to 13-day tours of gorgeous locations around Asia—Back-Roads Touring Co creates an experience that you won’t soon forget.

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