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1000 new leads for $35

And for $50 I can get you 2500. Have I piqued your interest? Are you at least interested in hearing more about this tried and true lead generation system? I promise it is not a multi-level marketing scheme or a “network marketing” program. In fact, it is so simple that with very little up-front cash, you can get your name and message in front of thousands of potential clients. There is no downside to this program; just an upside. Interested? Read on.

It’s the business card!

And no, they are not dead! I am convinced that they are one of the cheapest forms of marketing available today.

A well-designed card can convey so much information to it’s recipient. Your company, what you do, your name, address contact information, and website. You don’t need a 30 second elevator pitch to deliver it. Just get in the hands of someone…anyone. They are cheap. Effective, and fit in the palm of your hand.

Now I am not suggesting you walk around your town handing out cards…besides being very weird, it will not get you very far. But look for opportunities to distribute them.

  • When you first meet someone new
  • Anyone that comes to your booth at a trade show
  • All of your friends
  • All of your existing clients
  • All of your business contacts

These are all very warm prospects for you. When you meet someone new, usually the conversation circles around to your profession—there’s your chance. If you are at a trade show, presumably the prospects are interested in travel or something related—there’s your chance. All of your friends should know what you do and if comfortable, they should use your for travel—there’s your chance. Why give a card to your existing client? What better advertising than having your name given to a stranger (to you) by a trusted friend (to them)? You might think your business contacts already know you—your BDMs etc. Well they have favorites too you know. They are running into a lot of people as well—let them work for you. If they meet someone looking to travel and they live near you, why would they recommend someone from Nowhereville?

Go ahead and get a little guerilla too. Believe it or not, I have had success by using my business card as a “bookmark” in the in-flight magazine—only to be discovered by the next passenger! I have had success by enclosing my card in every bill I pay (OK, so this was a while ago and a lot of my stuff is electronic now) But, if you are sending out checks, why not—it’s only 3.5 cents.

Never underestimate where you can distribute a business card. Industry speaker Keith Powell tells an iconic story about when he was in Hawaii, in the Pacific ocean, chatting up a stranger and the conversation came around to what each of them did for a living. Keith, NEVER without a business card, floated a laminated one over to him right on the spot! Tell me that you don’t think that guy still remembers Keith to this day!

I specialize in single parent travel. We single parents tend to hang together. So you can bet that every client gets a small stack of cards to give to their friends. I always tell them it would be a great compliment if they could refer me.

And while I realize that you can find business cards for very cheap or free….before you decide to go that route, ask yourself if you want your customers to think you cut corners on your business cards? Save those for suppliers at trade shows. I say spring for the heavy card stock. Spring for the 4-color cards; and don’t be stingy giving them out!

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