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Adventure to Skagway with ShoreTrips

Skagway is known to historians for the Klondike Goldrush, to bookophiles as the setting for Jack London’s Call of the Wild, and to travelers as a natural paradise to slow down and relax. Skagway is picturesque in its Alaskan beauty, and ShoreTrips wants you know all about it.

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Skagway, Alaska



Explore Skagway with ShoreTrips

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  • Skagway is located in the southeastern Alaskan Peninsula. With a population of approximately 1,000 people, it has a down-home and personal feel. Though, during the summer tourist season, the town can see as many as 900,000 visitors. The economy of Skagway is tourism driven, which means they are prepared for the tourist season and services they must provide to continue the mainstay of their economy.


  • The town was started as a small home to a few prospectors of the Gold Rush era in 1887. When the Klondike Gold Rush began in 1896, thousands upon thousands of new prospectors arrived, reaching between 8,000 and 10,000 inhabitants—with 1,000 miners passing through town each week. During this time is was a lawless town, the wild west.




  • The downtown of Skagway is reminiscent of the American wild west in the late 19th century. There is a historical district of about 100 buildings from the gold rush era with false front architecture. You’ll also find the Skagway museum in the McCabe building, a century-old building once used as a college. This museum showcases the history of the town and the gold rush; and Alaska Native baskets, beadwork, and carvings. Just one block outside of the downtown, trails lead to the gorgeous sites of Skagway. One of those trails lead to the graves of Jefferson “Soapy” Smith, the famous conman and criminal leader who ran the town during his later years; and Frank Reid, the man who killed Soapy with a pistol.




  • Natural surroundings are where Skagway really shines. The Chilkoot Trail, the most famous backpacking adventure in Alaska, is a 3 to 4 day hike along the same route that the miners followed on their way to the Klondike Gold Fields to the north. This trail begins in Dyea, a ghost town and campground, 15 minutes out of Skagway. It moves from coastal rain forest, to high alpine, and to forest zones with reflective, still lakes. Another way for travelers to experience the beauty of this area is to take the White Pass & Yukon Route railroad. They provide tours, by train, that climb to the top of the mountain pass north of town. From that elevation, you’ll see many sights: Glacier Gorge, Dead Horse Gulch, and Bridal Veil Falls. The White Pass, at 2,885 feet elevation, is the border between the USA and Canada.




  • Outside of those main attractions, there is a plethora of other activities. You can kayak along the crisp waters of rivers, lakes, and coastline. There are cycling routes for you to take in the majesty of this unique place. Or, for the adventurous, dog sledding tours into the wild, ATV trails and tours, and zip lining. You can also catch a ferry from Skagway to Haines, where you coast along a steep-walled fjord. Along this route, there is a good chance you’ll be able to witness seals, sea lions, orca, and humpback whales leisurely swimming the waters.


Skagway is witnessing nature at its finest. From zen-like trails to rich history to whale watching – Skagway gives you everything you need for an amazing and adventurous getaway. That’s why ShoreTrips wants to get you there.



Venture outside of Skagway to experience the real beauty of Alaska. From fjords to forests, the scenery is unparalleled.

With imposing mountains and the Davidson Glacier as your backdrop, this is a unique opportunity to experience the real beauty of Alaska.

Capture these moments with your camera. You might not pass this way again.


These three excursions complement each other–a hike, a zip line experience, and a hike & float trip. If you’re adventurous, and love the out-of-doors, this is the right package for you.





This tour is perfect for those who want to embrace their wild side! Go up a mountain in a unimog, zoom along 11 ziplines, and walk across 4 suspension bridges. Not only will you feel the wind in your hair, but you’ll feel the mist of glacier-fed waterfalls as you cruise along the treetops!

Your journey begins with a historic tour of Skagway, followed by a scenic drive along 9 miles of coastline. Once you arrive in Dyea, you’ll be transferred to a unimog: A rugged, 4-wheel drive vehicle that is necessary for navigating the rough mountain roads. As you ride up the mountain, you’ll see a preview of the Alaskan rain forest and glacier-fed waterfalls that you’ll be gliding over shortly!

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