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Crazy or Hazy? How to Leverage Your Video Viewership

  1. Adjust lighting – Check!
  2. Comb hair – Check!
  3. Test microphone – Check!
  4. Shoot Video! –Check!
  5. Build Relationship! –Work in Progress!

Are you crazy-excited about all the new options to grow relationships and gain clients with your latest video?

Or are you a bit hazy on what steps to take in order to make the most of your time and effort? Getting the most bang for your buck from your video involves leveraging the new fans and deserves an entire roadmap.

Once you’ve shot and posted your video then starts the fun!  Here’s a roadmap to help you navigate the world of custom audiences, lead magnets and pixels.

Value = Viewers + Relationship

Wouldn’t you love to reach those fans who viewed your video and develop a stronger relationship with them? Imagine targeting them in future ads and earning their email addresses.  That’s golden!




It’s easy when you create a Facebook Custom Audience of your video viewers. With this audience you can target ads to them that focus on a specific topic. For example, perhaps they watched your video on a specific destination, now you can create an ad linking to your blog post about that destination. If your blog has a lead magnet email collector tied to it, you have the opportunity to collect their contact info.

Speaking of lead magnets, how about creating a lead generating social ad (using the above new custom audience) driving people to your downloadable lead magnet. What a great way to build your list and your relationships.

Embrace E-Mail

Did you know that adding the word ‘Video’ into an e-mail subject line will:

  • Boost open rates by 19%.
  • Boost click-through rates by 65%.
  • Reduce unsubscribes by 26%.
  • Source

Pro Tip: While most email providers don’t support videos in email, here’s a secret work-around that really works. Capture a video thumbnail (I use a screen shot of a good looking frame from the video) then add it as a graphic within your email. Hyperlink the graphic so that when readers click on the thumbnail, they’ll be driven to your video. Take this up a notch and make it even more obvious that it’s a video by superimposing a play button onto the video thumbnail graphic.

Now you’ve created a stunning email that your readers love. They showed you their love by opening and clicking thru to your video. Don’t ignore these ‘warm contacts’ by not following up with them. Leverage them and build new relationships.

Here’s how to easily upgrade your advertising audiences with these ‘warm contacts’. Simply download the ‘click & open’ report from your e-blast dashboard. Then add this list to your Facebook ad account as a Custom Audience.

Unsubscribes? Turn it into an Advantage

Do you hear people fretting about their e-blast ‘unsubscribe’ list as if it were an embarrassment?  I look at it as an opportunity!  While they’ve unsubscribed from your email list, maybe it’s only because they don’t like to receive emails or the topic of that specific email wasn’t relevant to them.

Here’s your chance to earn them back!  Download the list of unsubscribers from your e-blast provider and create a Facebook audience of them.  Then target ads to them addressing more relevant topics or offering a free resource that appeals to them.  Winning them back may take some time and effort, but is worth it in the long run.

Combine & Conquer

We’ve just covered 2 ways to re-connect with your video viewers via social ads;

  1. Create an ad audience of those Facebook users who watched your videos
  2. Create an ad audience of people who clicked & opened your video email.

Add more spark to the fire by combining these 2 lists in your ads account. This will give you a larger audience (which Facebook loves) and it will give you a better sample to create a Look Alike Audience.

Look Alike Audiences are an untapped gold mine. When you create this type of audience, Facebook reviews the attributes of your original audience and creates a new audience of people who have similar interest, hobbies and lifestyle. What a cool way to reach people who are potentially interested in your offering.

Pixel with a Purpose

Are you using your Facebook pixel at peak performance?  (If you haven’t set up your pixel yet, stop reading this and do this. Here’s another guide. )

Your pixel will help you track your website traffic and set up trackable Facebook ads. Imagine being able to deliver ads to people who visited a specific page on your website, but took no action. Perhaps they clicked a link to your Free Resources web page, but didn’t sign up. Target these people with different free resources or a different web page such as your blog. Leverage this powerful pixel technology.


Once your video is shot, don’t let it sit on your hard drive or camera roll and collect dust. Fire up your content marketing machine and tap into these marketing opportunities.

  • Post that video to all your social sites
    • Pro Tip: Remember to upload the .mp4 version of the video, not a You Tube link.
  • Upload to You Tube & Vimeo
  • Add to your website
    • Consider adding your video to your FAQ or Free Tips web page. Then add an email collection form so that people need to provide their contact info to view your video treasure.
    • Pro Tip: You’ll want to add the You Tube or Vimeo link of your video onto your website, rather than the native video so it loads more quickly for your web visitors.

No matter where you are on the road to connecting with clients who’ve viewed your videos, the path is always changing; but the goal is always the same. Leverage your video viewing audiences! Grow your relationships with video viewers taking them from warm contacts to valuable clients.




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