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Don’t Make This Thing Harder Than It Has to Be – Just Do Something

Use Your Mail Boxes To Reconnect.

In-box or out-box: they both serve the same purpose.

I received an email this morning from a friend who found himself “thumbing” through his inbox recently. As a result, he sent me (and others) an email detailing his experience.

“While reviewing my inbox today,” he wrote, “I saw how many names of friends and acquaintances I have failed to stay in touch with.”

And that my friends is what is known as an “Ah-Hah” moment. What made this exercise worth the time is that he actually did something about it. He contacted a bunch of those “forgotten” contacts, associates and friends.

Why not try the same thing with your email boxes? Give them a quick once-over. I bet a bunch of valued names will appear out of the past. Send them a quick note mentioning that you still are in the game, and that you wish to remain on their radar screen. Tell them you are eager to help them should the need arise.

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I was reminded of this again just last week, when I attended a dear friends funeral service. One of his early childhood friends wanted to share a few memories with those in attendance, and he ended his heartfelt presentation with the following recommendation: He urged people to contact a person in their lives who they had lost touch with over the years. This is exactly what he had done weeks before the passing of his old friend. He said he would have been devastated if he had procrastinated and missed the opportunity to reconnect. Two of the most dreaded words I can think of are “Too late.”

I believe everybody in the room heard his message and immediately found themselves thinking about likely candidates to contact. I know I did.

Once you take the initiative to reach out, get ready for some really neat surprises. This exercise (experiment) will make you smile – I guarantee it. And perhaps of more importance, it will put a smile on the face of the person you contacted as your action clearly showed that you cared enough to make the move.

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