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European Cruising with Amadeus

Amadeus River Cruises has been in the river cruise industry for over 30 years, and for good reason. From the start their goal has been, and always will be, to give their clients first-class service. Pure, and simple. The staff are trained to be at your service the whole cruise. There isn’t much they haven’t thought of to make their river cruises a complete experience.

One of the ways they strive to be the best is to give their clients a different way of seeing Europe. You’ll cruise by a busy city, and later in the day a small, romantic European village. A castle in the morning, and then a vineyard stretching along rolling hills—and their English speaking guides and highly trained staff are there for you the entire way.

With 15 cruise ships, and 25 cruise routes, they’ve cornered the European river cruise market with a simple plan of ‘take care of your passengers’. Each ship has an approximate maximum of 150 passengers, giving their river cruises a more intimate feel than a packed ocean cruise ship. This doesn’t mean that they’ve left the old model completely. Amadeus still offers shore excursions to the emerald-green countrysides and small villages. From here, you can take one of their tours, or explore on your own.

Amadeus is an award-winning purveyor of European river cruises with the most modern ships on the European market, which means they’ve accomplished their goal so far. And, with their newest ship, the Amadeus Queen, it doesn’t look like the company is showing any sign of slowing. The Amadeus Queen has an indoor pool with a roof that can opened on nice days, suites with an outdoor balcony, and an automatically lowering panoramic window in standard cabins.

Amadeus has a tradition and passion when it comes to providing excellent service. This is why they’ve become the go-to company for European river cruising.

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