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Experience the Best with Dan Hotels

There is a deep appreciation of great service and comfort when it comes to lodging while on vacation. At the end of the day, after seeing a foreign land and taking in exotic scenery, we want a comfortable place to lay our heads—to unwind without a worry. Dan Hotels knows this, and has created luxury hotels all around Israel to reflect a high standard when it comes to lodging.

Dan Hotels’ focus, throughout all of their locations in Israel, is on hospitality and a feeling of warm accommodation for travelers. There is also a philosophy of training all team members to a higher level of service, of which they also show appreciation to those very same team members for their dedication to making a stay at their hotel worth remembering. In today’s Supplier Profile, we’ll be looking at some of their luxury hotels around Israel.


With awards such as first place for being “The Most Prestigious and Most Exclusive Hotel in Jerusalem”, and being given a Golden Trophy in the Customer Satisfaction Survey, the King David Jerusalem Hotel is the most famous hotel in Jerusalem. It has an architecture and style that pays homage to the ancient world, yet is state of the art in amenities. The King David offers many other perks as well. Being on elevated land, the fantastic view of this legendary city will leave you with a lifetime of memories. Its strategic location next to the Old City, which is divided into four quarters (Armenian, Christian, Jewish, and Muslim), makes a vacation easier with ease of travel to ancient sites of all areas within Old City. After taking in the sights of a millennia-old area, the King David is a luxurious and comfortable way to kick back and prepare for a new day of explorations.


In the heart of Israel’s most dynamic city, the Dan Tel Aviv Hotel sits on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea with a beach pretty much at its doorstep. A promenade along the beach is always full of life, art, and relaxation. You’ll find designer stores, commercial centers, and a the city’s most popular night clubs all within the area of this luxury hotel. The exterior of the hotel is a colorful match to the bustling city below, while the interior is contemporary with twists of urban and classic styles. Again, their high standard of service and luxury shines through as an example to other hotels. No matter if your room is facing the sea or the dynamic city below, a great view is inevitable at this popular hotel. Calling this hotel a ‘prime location’ is an understatement, and should be your choice of hotel in Tel Aviv.


Dan Hotels’ newest hotel, the Link Hotel & Hub, is taking a more modern approach to creating a comfortable space for travelers. They’ve created a space for the creative entrepreneur to feel at home, yet able to work productively. The floor plans are open and shared workspaces mix the aspects of work and play. Modern art lines the walls to stimulate the abstract imagination. The new hotel has also embraced the technology of today, while maintaining their classic affinity for great customer service, with LinkApp. The LinkApp on your mobile phone is a virtual concierge where you can find all the information about the hotel you’ll need, a house phone function for making calls to anywhere in Tel Aviv for free, easily check in and out of the hotel, and unlock the door to their room—all in the palm of your hand. Not only that, but control every function in the room as well; including TV remote, room temperature, and intensity of lighting. Even with this high-functioning app, the friendly staff is always there for you if needed. The Link Hotel & Hub is a fresh take on the luxury hotel, and is on the forefront of where technology and luxury meet.

In its goal to offer the best of all things luxury, Dan Hotels is a pioneer in the hotel industry. This award-winning company, with 13 locations around Israel, doesn’t seem to be complacent in that goal. Their motto is “Experience the Best”, and they mean it.

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For more information about Dan Hotels, you can visit them at www.danhotels.com.

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