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Generosity in Crete with Cosmopolitan Travel Service

According to mythology Crete was the hiding place of Zeus as a newborn, brought by the goddess Rhea to be raised in peace. It’s easy to understand why the people thought this. Crete is a place where you can find beautiful beaches, ancient culture, and fulfilling cuisine. It’s an all-in-one island getaway with a link to thousands of years of history. Thanks to Cosmopolitan Travel Service, you’ll find out a bit more about this paradise.

Crete is the largest island in Greece, the fifth largest in the Mediterranean Sea. It is divided into multiple areas of interest, all of which offer a unique allure. Chania is the second largest city in Crete, and can be divided into two parts: old town and modern. In Old Town, the center of tourism in Chania, you can still the remains of a Venetian wall and bulwarks that surrounded it. Balconies overlook the quiet and narrow streets. You’ll find shops, restaurants, hotels, and bars for all your needs when checking out its traditional scenery. There is also more to do in the modern section of Chania, including museums and picturesque, historic buildings as well.

Looking for a more sophisticated and luxurious setting? Elounda is the place to be. Elounda has the most five-star hotels in Crete. There are private beaches to lounge uninterrupted, pools to relax by, and piers to get a phenomenal view of the blue waters. If you are looking to be spoiled by the best pleasures that Crete offers up—this is the place.

For those with a sense of adventure, Mount Ida (Mountain of the Goddess) could be a goal. It is the highest mountain in Crete, and located near Arodamos. You can find comfortable guest housing before your trek, then start out on your journey to a stunning view of Crete from the top of Mt. Ida. Even if you don’t feel like hiking up, there are plenty of easy trails to hike around the area.

These are only some of the highlights in Crete, which has so much more to offer those that make the journey to its ancient shores. Rethymno, a city with a historic old town like Chania, where the streets can walked for a trip through time: mosques, Venetian architecture, fountains, and cobblestone alleys lined with places to eat and drink the local tastes. In fact, you’ll find a historic old town in almost every city in Crete. This makes it much easier to pick your destination, as anywhere you go will be worth the sights.

Crete, like the rest of Greece, is known for its hospitality. This way of showing respect toward others in need dates back to ancient times, and is the reason they are so generous to strangers. Combined with the elegance of their coastlines, the liveliness of their culture, and readiness to show you how to truly enjoy Greece—there is no other place like Crete. So, it’s a no-brainer to book with Cosmopolitan Travell Service to help your clients experience the best on the island of Crete.

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