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I Can’t Listen Anymore!

I recently invested one-hour of my time listening to an on-line webinar from a “professional.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

It had nothing to do with the information I was hearing, although that definitely had something to do with it. The presenter was putting me to sleep. I wanted to run out the door screaming. Incredible. I had heard of this person before and their credentials where more than just appealing. Supposedly, he was an expert in his field.

Worse yet, I was looking forward to listening to this program for days and my anticipation grew as the time drew near to tune in. Then, it all came to a crashing halt. To say I was disappointed was an understatement.

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe whatever you do regardless of your industry, your competition may be putting your prospects and their customers to sleep just like this guy was putting me to sleep. I was finding this experience hard to believe, but perhaps I should not be surprised at all. This so-called expert, specialist, and popular consultant was just not cutting it.

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Today’s message is two-fold:

  • Don’t be boring. Don’t put your clients and prospects to sleep when you finally get your day in court. Find time to exercise. Generate some energy. Become enthused about the value you are bringing to your business relationships. Or you will have people blogging about you like I am blogging about this guy.
  • If you are putting yourself to sleep, read #1 again.

I could include a third point, but you will find it sounding similar to points one and two above.

Your success has a lot to do with what you say, but it has more to do with how you communicate your message.

Please do not discount today’s message. What the world does not need is another boring person.

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