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Personalized Explorations with Teeming River Cruises

Founded in 2017 by husband and wife duo Jeff and Gina Paglialonga, Teeming River Cruises has come a long way from its beginnings. Jeff and Gina are no strangers to the travel industry. These high school sweethearts have been traveling the world for years, having visited 6 of 7 continents and giving everyone in their family the gift of travel. This led them to create a river cruise company that caters to the passengers needs and explorations, a chance for travelers to customize how they want to spend their hard-earned vacation time.

Teeming River Cruises isn’t interested in pushing you into a tour or excursion. They believe that you can make your own choices about where, what, and how you explore when their river cruises are docked. This comes from their many travels and cruises around the world, and creating the exact model they wish they would have been offered as travelers. Meal aboard Teeming’s ships are created to reflect the local culture you find yourself visiting that day, with regionally inspired dishes. The dining experience is one of luxury, with white linen covered tables and candles to set the mood. Add in paired wines, and your dining experience is rounded to perfection.

Not only is Teeming River Cruises letting the passenger decide how to spend their time, they are offering varied itineraries at great prices. At an average price of $128 per night, while still offering luxury services, there isn’t much to reconsider when choosing a river cruise line. Teeming offers cruises such as Gems of the Rhine, where you flow down the Rhine River and stopping at seven different cities in two countries. Go even further down-river with Teeming River Cruises Encore European Tour, a leisurely trip from Amsterdam to Budapest taking 15 days and visiting 5 different countries (16 cities!).

To top off their commitment to giving passengers the choice to enjoy a vacation on their own time, Teeming offers a complimentary City Walking Tour app. This app lets you know where all the sites to see when ashore: Star Points which will highlight bars, eateries, special shops, points of interest, or unique places. And, when you’re tired from your explorations, the app will also guide you back to the Teeming Docking Port of the ship–with one press of a button. You pick your pace.

Jeff and Gina started Teeming River Cruises from the view of travelers themselves. Now, you too can take advantage of a business model meant to give passengers the freedom they deserve when on a river cruise getaway.




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