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Serenity and Class with Saga Cruises

With a new ship on the horizon, Saga Cruises is sailing into 2018 with class and style. For 65 years they have provided cruisers over 50 with an enjoyable experience to remember. It is a quintessentially British cruise line, with afternoon tea provided free of charge. Though, this doesn’t mean that others from around the world will not enjoy their serene routes.


Saga currently has two ships, the Saga Sapphire and the Saga Pearl II. The Saga Sapphire, like all of their ships, has the amenities mentioned earlier. It has maximum passenger capacity of 720, which cuts back on the chaos of overcrowding. The average cabin size is 220 square feet, more than 50 square feet above the industry standard. The Saga Pearl II, the smaller of the two ships, has a maximum capacity of 449—cutting down even further on the feeling of being crowded. The Saga Pearl II includes many of the features of the Saga Sapphire, but with only seven passenger decks due to lower capacity.

Though, the latest news that a third ship, Spirit of Discovery, will be hitting the waters in the summer of 2019 is the shining star here. This ship will be far more luxurious than the previous, with an average cabin size of 245 square feet and suites that are a spacious 730 square feet. The observation deck aboard the Spirit of Discovery is large, and fully-glazed, giving passengers a well-lit area to relax with a spectacular view. However, at night time, the deck provides dancing and live performances to enhance the spirit of a fun holiday away. The on-board spa is modern and peaceful, with many different ways to relax: hydrotherapy, steam room, infrared sauna, Pilates, yoga, tai chi, and one-on-one sessions with a trained fitness expert. The Playhouse, a theater to catch entertainment. The Library, with an extensive collection and open kitchen for tea and coffee. The Living Room, an inviting place to meet friends, shop, or grab a coffee—even enjoy an after-dinner cocktail. There isn’t much that the Spirit of Discovery doesn’t offer in the way of luxury.

The original price of every cruise with Saga includes everything you need on your cruise. As Saga likes to say, “The only spending money you’ll need is for excursions, shopping ashore, and drinks out on deck!” So, it’s a safe bet to keep an eye on Saga Cruises, and their new ship, Spirit of Discovery, as they grow to meet the demand for their award-winning service.


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