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Specializing In “Everything” Is Specializing In “Nothing”

This just in: LinkedIn Groups

Group: Travel & Tourism Industry Professionals Worldwide

“I specialize in Team Building, Continuous Improvements, Cost Control, Customer Relations, Customer Satisfaction, Customer service, Front Office, more than 3 years of experience in Front Office & Customer Relationship management. Flexible, attention to detail, and ability to learn quickly, good communications skills and friendly attitude, and excellent management skills.”

WOW! Now, that is a mouthful. This applicant has the ability and talent to focus and zero in on a lot of stuff (So says he). Tell me in one sentence what this person excels at (I didn’t think so).

There still may be room for the General Practitioner, but when push comes to shove, today’s consumer would rather work with somebody who really knows their business, down to the dotted i’s and crossed t’s.

Tell me this. If you suspect your knee might be losing fluid and range of motion, would you solicit quotes from an eye doctor? I know I wouldn’t.

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Somebody a lot smarter than I am once went on record to say, “You can’t be all things to all people.” And I am quick to add,  “Nor should you want to.”

You may be guilty of the same inane positioning statement. Telling people that you specialize in too many areas is probably falling on deaf ears. Think about it, and then make an adjustment.

Focus on one or two areas at the most. These should be the areas where you have a keen interest in already. Then, make it your business to improve daily to become more of a specialist in each of these areas. Work at it. Study it. Practice it. Commit today to the challenge.

Your prospects are not morons. Keep things simple. Allow prospects to connect with you and your strengths

Mike Marchev

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