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Stuff Happens!

One minute, there was plenty of “juice.” In less than a blink of an eye and without warning, the power disappeared from the island of Manhattan… and throughout the tri-state area.

This is a good example of how quickly things can change … have changed… and will continue to change. More often than not, without rhyme or reason.

One minute you are sailing nicely with the wind to your back. In a heartbeat you can be hung up on a sand bar wondering “what happened?” One minute you have all the business you can handle. The next minute your pipeline is drier than an Arizona mid-summer’s day. One minute life is grand… the next minute, you get snake-bit by an unexpected phone call from a distant relative.

Stuff Happens. The lights went out in Georgia… and they went out in New York. Your lights could be next. As a matter of fact, you should plan on it. Someday… one day… your lights will go out. And my question to you is “Will you be prepared to handle it?”

Ask yourself, “What is the absolute worse thing that could happen to me this week?”

Then do everything in your power to prevent it from happening. Here a few examples to help grease your thinking.

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Worse thing:  What you can do now to prevent it: Pulled back muscle? Stretch more. Lost account? Call them now and ask to help. Spouse leaves you? Roses, dinner out and a few romantic words. Kid goes on drugs?  

Take in a ballgame and show genuine interest in their lives and opinions. Get fired? (1)  

Get to work earlier, stop whining and bust your buns. Get fired?  (2)  

Start that networking campaign and update your resume. A blackout? Buy batteries and another flash light. Roof leaks? Patch or replace ASAP. Pet runs away? Fix that hole in the fence. You trip and fall in the garage? Clean it up once and for all. Can’t find an important paper? Sort out those files.


You don’t have to be caught in the dark if you just exercise a little emotional intelligence. Make it your business to make certain you are prepared for the worst by not allowing it to happen. This simple exercise will position you as one who is truly in control and doing what you can to become “the exception.”

Mike Marchev

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