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What to say when you have nothing to say?

As any regular reader of this column knows, I am a huge proponent for email marketing. I believe that when it is properly used it comes in second to face to face. You might be able to convince me to cede to third place behind a phone conversation. Why?

Simple! If you are doing email marketing right (and legally), your clients and prospects have INVITED you to provide them information. You now have access to deliver your message to their home or office whenever you want. And that’s a pretty heady responsibility. Don’t mess it up. And when coupled with other strategic sales tactics, it can be a win-win for everyone.

If you are not segmenting your list, you need to. There is a ton of ways to segment—zip code, IP address, past interests, or by the preferences and habits you have gathered over the years. And you should be sending them timely information on a regular schedule. But what if you have nothing to say?

I believe that if they are not thinking about you, they are in the process of forgetting about you. That’s why I will contact my entire email list a minimum of six times a year—promotion or not. My intent is not to sell them anything, but to shout out to them (with thanks to Mike Marchev) “I’m here and alive!!”

  • Happy New Year
  • Happy Easter/Passover (might simply be a welcome to spring)
  • Happy Mother’s Day (if appropriate)
  • Happy Father’s Day (if appropriate)
  • Happy Independence Day
  • Happy Labor Day
  • Happy Thanksgiving
  • Happy Holidays

My message is simple—it is a quick note from me to you to say hello and wish you well. Nothing more. Nothing less. No sales pitch. It’s just a subtle reminder that I am here for them when they need me.

Did you miss your opportunity this past week? As schools are winding down, people are starting to think about summer travel. What better time to put your name in front of them than now? Always make sure your clients know that you are there and ready to assist them. And when their need comes up, you can bet you will be the first call. Don’t underestimate the power and responsibility you have when someone invites you into their inbox!


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