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Handcrafted Getaways with Homeric Tours

In 1969, Homeric Tours began packaged tours to Greece. Since then, they have grown from providing memorable getaways to the gorgeous shores of Greece to including other Mediterranean countries, Europe, and Africa as well. This family-owned business has been the trusted supplier of Mediterranean vacation memories for almost 50 years, and they attribute this to the expertise of destinations and the trust that will take care of the traveler.

PictureAs stated earlier, Homeric Tours has expanded in the half-century they’ve been in operation. They now offer many different types of itineraries, depending on the time and budget of the traveler. This includes independent, semi-escorted, and escorted itineraries which let the traveler choose how they want the path of their getaway to unfold. Homeric Tours offer up these, and more. Like, having a honeymoon along the turquoise waters of Greece, or in the romantic city of Rome. They handle Group travel as well, for the families and groups that want to experience the world together. Whether the travelers are students, religious, families, alumni, many more – Homeric Tours is prepared to show them the time of their life. Regardless of the style they choose to travel by, Homeric Tours is always working behind the scenes to ensure a hassle-free trip with their top-notch support.

PictureHomeric Tours’ scope of destinations, between group and FIT product, has also expanded to include Italy, Cyprus, Croatia, Austria, Czech Republic, Israel, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Jordan, Portugal, Morocco, and more. With the widening of this scope to such a wide array of places, Homeric Tours has built up a team of knowledgeable travel advisors to give the travel agent as much information as possible about them. And the more information the agent has on hand, the better they are able to facilitate an amazing getaway for their clients.

Homeric Tours listens to the needs, special interests, and budget requirements of the traveler. Combine the aforementioned ways of helping the travel agent provide better service to their clients with prompt commissions and history to trust in, and you’ve got a partner to work with that creates a win-win situation.



You can find out all about Homeric Tours at www.homerictours.com

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