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Order-Taker or Oracle? Using Social Metrics to Sell Smarter

Would you LOVE to better understand if a new destination, attraction or package is going to make your clients jump up and shout “YES, I want to go there!”

If you’re like many in our industry you have a pretty good sense of what’s Hot, and what’s Not!  But once in a while does a new trend surprise you? Do you scratch your head and wonder why the sudden interest in something you thought was off the radar screen?

Imagine being able to use your social analytics to better understand what’s just coming into view on the radar screen for your clients. I know you’re not an oracle or a mind reader, but here’s some secrets to looking like one in the eyes of your clients.

Facebook Analytics

Let’s say you want to know how many people are interested in river cruising.  Start by setting up a ‘saved’ audience and select ‘river cruise’ as an interest. Then narrow it down even further and select ‘People who like your page’. This will show you how many of your fans are interested in river cruising.

Isn’t that amazing?  Check out Facebook Ads Manager and dive into detailed targeting.

Pinterest Analytics

Now that we all have our heads around thinking of Pinterest as a search engine and not just a social platform, the light bulb goes on! Try poking around in your analytics account and you’ll see what a gold mine it really is. Discover more details in this video.

Facebook Audience Insights

In the video above we mentioned all the analytics available in Audience Insights found in your own ad account. Here’s what else your inner psychic will be able to see:

  • Page Likes. Dive into the details and better understand what other pages your fans have ‘liked’. This will help you understand their reading habits, what inspires them and what events they support. All great tools to understand what types of travel may appeal to them.
  • Interests. By selecting ‘interests’ and then adding your intended destination or style of travel you’ll be able to see into the number of times your audience expressed an interest in this topic.  Let’s use the river cruising example again; when you type ‘River Cruise’ into the interest box you’ll see how many have liked a page related to river cruising or taken some Facebook action related to river cruising.
  • Compare your audience to all Facebook users. What a great way to learn what’s unique about your audience and then hone your marketing to speak to the interests of your audience.

Using these metrics you can test an existing audience or set up a new audience to help you sell smarter.

Twitter is Tops

Go behind the scenes and get a glimpse of your audience on Twitter. Not only will you learn which is your top Tweet and who is your top Follower you’ll also have a chance to understand the interests of your audience. By selecting ‘Followers Dashboard’ you’ll fine tune your study of follower interests and demographics.

If you’re trying to see if ‘river cruising’ will be a hit with your fans and clients you’ll get the inside scoop on styles of travel and destinations that are popular with your Twitter followers.  Discover other hidden gems in this video.

The goal is not analysis paralysis, but to understand the sweet spot of your audience interests and put your time and effort into selling and marketing the destinations and travel styles that are HOT for them…right now! Don’t get caught up in the clutter of trying to sell everything that comes across your desk. Hone in to what’s on the radar for your unique audience.

Your clients will be shocked and in awe of your mind reading skills when you take a behind the scenes tour of your own social analytics. Studying these metrics may just turn you into the Oracle of Travel.

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