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Prove Yourself Wrong!

We all make assumptions on a daily basis. We would all be surprised to see just how many of them are wrong. I have a new challenge for you. Try and prove yourself wrong–at least about the negative things.

When it comes to both your business and personal life, how many times have you said that you can’t do something? Or that something is not possible? Go ahead and take a minute to think about it.

Have you ever told yourself something like:

  • I can’t sell Spain because I have never been there.
  • I can’t get responses to my emails or other marketing.
  • I can’t complete with the internet pricing.
  • I can’t come up with new marketing ideas.
  • I can’t close the sale.
  • I can’t work my day job and also start a home-based travel business.
  • I can’t prove I’m any good so I think I’ll just sit here in my room in the dark and curl up and go to sleep for a while.

Does it sometimes feel like no matter what you decide to set your focus on, or what your aspirations for your travel business are, you can ALWAYS count on yourself or somebody else to quickly inform you that, based on “expert” opinion, you can’t do it. Have you ever fantasized about telling the naysayers “I’ll Show YOU…Just YOU Wait!”

Sometimes, the best way to create action is to test these assumptions. Look at the negative beliefs you may have, and challenge yourself to prove yourself wrong.

CHOOSE YOUR TARGET. Do you have people that you know that travel a lot, and you want to get their future business but have thought of all the reasons why they wouldn’t book with you? Start with picking just one. Email them! Maybe send them a link to a cool website that you know they will like. If you meet them in person, ask them a friendly question to get the conversation started.  Whatever you do, don’t come on directly with a sales pitch. Remember, the result is only HALF as important as the action.

LOVE BEING WRONG. Recently I was looking for restaurant to hold a meeting for clients. I thought about approaching one of the oldest establishments in our area, but my initial thoughts were “It will be too expensive for my client’s budget.” But I thought “I won’t know for sure until I ask.” Going against my negative thoughts, I proceeded to make an appointment. Rather than talk to the restaurant manager, I asked to meet with the owner and he agreed. As it turns out, he was very interested in exposing his business to this group and virtually said “Make me an offer and we’ll accommodate them!” In addition, during our friendly conversation, he mentioned that he was going to be holding a “fundraiser fair” that draws hundreds of people annually, and would love to have my travel agency participate. He ended up giving me prime booth space for a mere $75 contribution to the fundraiser. Not only did I get my clients a great venue, I now have an opportunity to showcase my business at this fundraiser. And to think that I almost didn’t make the call because of my initial negative assumptions.

KNOWLEDGE IS KEY. Find the root of the reason for your negative assumption. Try talking it out with someone. Sometimes just talking it through and explaining your reasoning with a friend or family member can really boost your confidence with your ideas. If you need further education, there is no better place than the travel industry to find training. Travel agent courses are offered in abundance by many industry associations. These programs teach students about geography, sales, marketing, and procedures for booking reservations.

Having this basic knowledge can also be useful because they suggest an existing interest in travel and culture, which helps agents develop confidence and also build a rapport with clients. But it’s not only industry training that may be needed. Read books or take courses on sales, marketing, public speaking and overall self-improvement.

LIVE AND LEARN FROM OTHERS. One of my favorite quotes comes from motivational guru, Anthony Robbins: “I believe life is constantly testing us for our level of commitment, and life’s greatest rewards are reserved for those who demonstrate a never-ending commitment to act until they achieve. This level of resolve can move mountains, but it must be constant and consistent. As simplistic as this may sound, it is still the common denominator separating those who live their dreams from those who live in regret.”

Proving yourself wrong can be life changing, both personally and professionally.

PictureAnita Pagliasso is the author of “How I Made A Small Fortune as a Home-Based Travel Agent” “From Home-Based to POWERHOUSE” and “Anita’s Toolbox for Home-Based Agents CD”(, President, Host Agency Ticket To Travel (, Travel Agent Forum Conference Director, and PATH President & Executive Board Member. Finally Anita is also a professional educator with The Travel Institute,

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