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Serene Switzerland with Shoretrips

Switzerland is well-known as being a neutral country, and full of fantastic ski locations. But, there is more to Switzerland than snow and the United Nations. Thanks to ShoreTrips, today’s geography lesson will show three destinations in the peaceful nation known as Switzerland.

60-Second Geography


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Switzerland comprises a mix of four linguistic and cultural regions: German, French, Italian, and Romansh. It ranks in the top-most developed nations in the world, with the highest nominal wealth per adult. Not only is it a prosperous nation, but Switzerland also has some of the most scenic geography in all of Europe. Snow-capped mountains rise all around lands full of clear lakes and rolling hills covered in the greenest of grasses. The climate varies greatly from north to south, with the north bearing some glacial temperatures and the south more akin to Mediterranean climates.




  • Geneva is the second-largest city in Switzerland and a center for global, diplomatic relations. Agencies of the Red Cross, World Health Organization, and United Nations are hosted within its borders. It embraces its past and future at once, with unchanged architecture in the Old Town existing alongside the sophistication of the modern era. The city lies at the southwestern of Lake Geneva, where it forms into the Rhone River once again. On a beautiful day, the alpine waters of Lake Geneva glimmers in the sun as people stroll leisurely along its shore. You can find unique shops, boat tours that take you out onto the serene lake, and even relaxing spas to add a pampering to your vacation. Travelers in Geneva will also find the Old Town a place to take in traditional European culture and architecture. The St. Pierre Cathedral, located at the highest point of Old Town, was constructed in 1260. This towering cathedral is a mix of Romanesque, Gothic, and Neo-Classical styles of architecture. Tours of the cathedral are held daily, with live organ performances at certain times. Though, the St. Pierre Cathedral isn’t the only attraction in the city. The Museum of the International Committee of the Red Cross has detailed exhibits on the service that the Red Cross has delivered through countless wars and natural disasters, without taking sides in any conflict. Geneva is full of culture to observe with wide eyes, green parks to take it slow, and more modern sights for the luxury traveler.




  • Bern, the de facto capital of Switzerland, has a city centre recognized by UNESCO as a Cultural World Heritage Site. This centre has a mostly medieval style, with an impressive cathedral of the same style. The Bern Minster was built in the 15th and 16th century, and is a domineering 330 ft. (100.6 m). An important trait of the Bern Minster is a sculpted portal when you enter the cathedral, a beautifully rendered scene which depicts the last judgment in a colorful and sharp way, aptly named ‘The Last Judgment’. You can also climb the steps to the top of its tower to get a peek at the surrounding countryside and nearby Alps. Renaissance fountains, eleven in total, are scattered throughout the old centre. Each fountain portrays a figure from the city’s past or the characterization of a virtue. The Zytglogge tower, erected in the 12th century, stands at Bern’s western gate. A clock was added in 1530, and each stroke of the hour presents one of the earliest examples of automated, mechanical figures in motion. Museums are plentiful in Bern. The Bern Historical Museum has historical and ethnographical collections dating back to the Stone Age. The architecture of the building is in Neo-Renaissance. A highlight of this museum is the Einstein Museum; which contains footage, photography, and objects detailing Albert Einstein’s time in Bern. The Museum of Fine Arts is the oldest art museum in the Switzerland. The pieces range from the middle ages to modern day. Their collection includes 3,000 painting and sculptures, as well as 50,000 photographs, prints, sketches and videos.




  • With a stunning, blue lake and ringed by mountains, Lucerne has an amazing setting for the traveler who is searching for beauty. It is a small city located almost directly in the center of Switzerland. Lucerne has a quaint and peaceful feel as the traveler walks the Old Town, which is for pedestrians only. One of the landmarks of Lucerne is the Chapel Bridge. This bridge was built in the 14th century, and is said to be the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe. Strolling along its length of 672 ft. (204.7 m) you’ll find artwork along its ceiling that date back to the 17th century. In the middle of the bridge is the a 112 ft. (34.5 m) tall tower, originally used for defending the town. Along with the Chapel Bridge, is the Musegg Wall. The Musegg Wall was built in 1386, and is still almost entirely intact. Four of its nine towers are available for tourists to climb, and view the beautiful scenery of lake, countryside, and mountains. The Rosengart Collection should be a stop for any art lover, as it showcases works by Pablo Picasso and Paul Klee—along with many other artists. Lucerne is a great stopover for any traveler looking for the calm heart of Switzerland.


Switzerland is more than the Alps, though these magical mountains are an essential part of the country’s allure. It is art, culture, and history. And ShoreTrips wants to show you this fantastic location for a vacation.


United Nations Headquarters, physics, cathedrals, gardens…it would be difficult to find a city with more options than Geneva. Your guide will plan this tour around your interests.


Bern is a lovely city. You should take some time to explore it. But once you’ve done that, do not pass up this opportunity to venture into the Alps, feel the snow crunch under your feet and breathe in the brisk Alpine air.


The highlights of Lucerne are concentrated in a relatively small area, allowing for a comprehensive exploration of the city without taking up your entire day. With churches, bridges, narrow cobblestone streets and town squares, you are sure to be charmed by lovely Lucerne.

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