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The Favorite Doesn’t Always Win

Back in 2002, after a horse called Sarava won the Belmont Stakes (70-1 odds), I wrote a piece reminding you how the simple practice of “showing up” can prove to be the secret formula you are looking for.

I was not discounting practice and preparation. I was not suggesting that you wait until the stars are aligned properly along with a dozen other important aspects of success. I was saying that “showing up” is an integral part of the whole.

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For you who follow the ponies, that same year in the Kentucky Derby a 51-1 long shot took home the roses. INCREDIBLE… deja vu.

Don’t you just love the long shots? The Rockys’ of real. 51-1? Are you kidding me?

I retrieved my article on Sarava and rather than take too much of your time today to rehash the specifics, I decided to cut and paste the good parts.

Have a great day, and remember: The greater the odds, the sweeter the victory.

Saddle up. Wait for the bell. And run like hell.

Deja Vu

Another “sure-thing” bites the dust!”
 I love to witness this type of upset. This is what makes life worth living. Games worth playing. Businesses worth running.

51-1! Those were the odds that this unknown horse would win the Kentucky Derby. The smart money was on Bellamy Road. But life doesn’t always unfold the way the newspapers and “those-in-the-know” predict. The GOOD NEWS is that your odds for success are a lot better than Giacomo were.

The message: show up every day ready to run.

You say you can’t relate to sports? Or horse racing? Go to the business section of your Sunday paper. See all the “smart guys and gals” who were supposed to win taking gas in those big companies.

Big doesn’t mean didley-squat. Never did. Never will.

Favorites are not sure-things. It is all about showing up.

  • Showing up – ready to play is step one.
  • Showing up – ready to take action is step two.
  • Showing up – with a sense-of-self is step three.
  • Showing up – expecting that you may get tossed around now and then is step four.
  • Showing up – that’s the key.
  • Showing up and making your stand – that’s the secret.
  • Showing up and running like hell – that’s the answer.

You will never win if you don’t show up.

Last Saturday congratulations went to Giacomo the horse who couldn’t win.

Think about it. Then saddle up.

Mike Marchev

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