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Air Convenience with South African Airways

South African Airways (SAA) is the flag carrier airline of South Africa. It is also the most awarded airline in Africa, and works with many regional partners to offer up service to over 75 destinations throughout the country. These partners create an efficient network of convenience for those traveling to Africa.

South African Airways’s Premium Business Class or Economy Class seating gives new meaning to the word ‘luxury’. With a Premium Business Class seating that features 180-degree lie-flat seat with massaging function, laptop plug-ins, amenity kits, gourmet cuisine, a privacy screen, comfortable pillows and duvets, on-demand programming with free-flowing South African Wines – the traveler will be an experience that is beyond comfort and class. Economy Class travelers get on-demand programming, freshly prepared meals, complimentary beverage and bar service, and their own amenity to kit to feel 100% by the time they reach their destination.

South African Airways has daily non-stop flights from New York (JFK) to South Africa. There are also daily, direct flights from Washing, D.C. to speed up the traveler’s trip. With a Star Alliance membership and other code share agreements bolstering the already amazing services (JetBlue, United Airlines, Air Canada), SAA is able to offer 1,330 destinations in 192 countries. That, combined with the traveler’s ability to use their frequent flier points on United Airlines or Air Canada flights, is why they remain Africa’s best airline.

With 18,550 flights daily, the most luxurious of amenities for Business and Economy classes, and a consistent 4-star rating, South African Airways is serious about treating the traveler with a relaxed experience – that way the traveler is rested for their destination, and all that destination has to offer.

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