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“BORE” Is A Four Letter Word

I never thought I would be saying this!

Much has happened in the last twelve months. My Scottish friends have come to America for the fifteenth year in a row; I have conducted my fifth training cruise on Royal Caribbean; I have visited Mexico, Austria, and Hungary: My wife and I celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary; and I managed to record my best golf score in over ten years.

And yet, just the other day, I heard myself say to myself, “Mike, you are beginning to bore me.”

This my friends (according to me), is paramount to “the kiss of death.” BORING is not something you should be trying to emulate. To “bore” somebody else is worse than a cardinal sin.

I woke this morning at 4:45 am tossing and turning while thinking about this topic. I just had to share my feelings with somebody. Who better than you?

We, (you), I, can’t become boring. We, (you), I, cannot allow ourselves to bore ourselves. The clichés are too numerous to start waxing poetic this early in the day so I will spare you the grief. Okay, just one. “Life is too short.” (And for those of you approaching 70 like  I am it is getting shorter as each day passes.)

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Since I write, speak, train, and coach, it is in these areas that I am beginning to feel that I have heard it all over the past 25 years. This feeling is dangerous in and of itself. How did this happen? What can I do about it?

I have decided to respond in the ONLY way I know: to be more of myself and to refrain from blindly practicing political correctness because that is the “easy” way to get through each day. (A picture of a blind-folded sheep comes to mind.)
How about you? Are you beginning to “bore” yourself to tears as a result by playing by somebody else’s unfounded rules?  I’m not suggesting you become a jerk simply for the sake of making waves. I am suggesting you step out of your comfort zone to see exactly what lies beyond the imaginary boundaries you have so conveniently placed on yourself. As my good friend Stuart Cohen reminded me during a speech he gave in Memphis not long ago, “It is time to step into a new comfort zone.”

Go ahead. Ruffle a few feathers. Turn a few heads. Raise a few eye-brows. Put a little “juice” back in your life, both personal and professional if that is what needs doing.

I would like you to consider trying to slowly move in the direction of making yourself laugh more, while having more fun distancing yourself from the chains that are bonding you to your old boring self.

Mike Marchev

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